Philips Hue motion sensor

Hi, I purchased a Philips Hue outdoor motion sensor, had to connect it directly to Hubitat as the Hue app doesn’t expose it to the hub like bulbs. The problem is that the sensor keeps disconnecting from Hubitat and the only way is to reset it. I purchased another one and it has the same behavior.

Any advice here or I have to switch to a z wave sensor and not Zigbee

Couple of questions…

  • what Zigbee channel is your HubItat Hub using?
  • what Zigbee channel is your Hue bridge using?
  • what other Zigbee devices are connected to your HubItat hub?
    — are any of these Zigbee repeaters?
  • what WiFi channel(s) are you using for your 2.4 GHz WiFi network?

I have a Hue Outdoor motion sensor connected to my HubItat hub. It has been very stable and reliable.


Thanks for your reply, below are the details from Hubitat and hue hub. Hubitat is connected through Ethernet to my router.

Hope it helps solving the puzzle.

Zigbee channel in Hubitat is 20 and in Philips hue is 25

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When you say it disconnects, what are you basing that comment on?

It freezes, both are frozen now

I'm still not sure what you mean, how does that present itself? No updates coming through to HE?

Yes, the status on HE doesn’t change and the sensor light is long red, as per the Philips light code it means it lost the connection with the hub

Ok, then I think you need to continue down the line @ogiewon was heading with comm's back to the HE hub. Did you find out the channel your 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi is running on?

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I have Orbi router, how I can find out ?

These are good choices, as they do not conflict with one another, and also are good choices so long as your 2.4GHz WiFi channels are 1, 6, o and/or 11 and use a 20MHz channel width. This will avoid Zigbee/WiFi overlap.


From what you posted above, it appears all of your Zigbee devices may be battery powered. Is that correct? If so, I believe you need to add a few mains-powered Zigbee devices that will act as Zigbee mesh network repeaters, thereby strengthening the signal overall. This will help your outdoor sensor(s) stay connected to the Zigbee mesh network.

There are numerous threads in the forum discussing what type of Zigbee devices users like to act as Zigbee repeaters.


I'm not sure, normally it is listed under the setup pages for the router, but I don't know where that may be for yours.

That makes sense, I have Philips hue bulbs but all connected to Philips hue hub. Will that help repeating the signal ?

Found it, I have to be at home on the same network though, so I will check once I am back

Unfortunately, Zigbee devices can only “repeat” for other devices on the same Zigbee mesh network. Hubitat and Hue each create their own Zigbee mesh network, which is why it is always good to make sure they are using different channels. I added a graphic to my earlier post which shows why channel choices are so important.

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@Maja please also show your route info table using

{Hub IP}/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo

How to get it through remote admin ?

You need to be able to directly access the hub ip so no access from the app.

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Great, I will share once I am back home.

As said, if you have no mains based repeaters you will have an incredibly weak mesh. Get some sengled outlets on amazon, these repeat nicely (the new oval ones not the old square ones). I would not connect your hue bulbs to your hubitat mesh. Those are ZLL based zigbee and DO NOT repeat well for ZHA based zigbee devices (your sensor and outer regular zigbee devices) The exception to this are Sengled bulbs (they do not repeat) or zigbee 3.0 bulbs. So keep your bulbs on the Hue bridge and get some of these and attach them to Hubitat (This is a two pack)