Philips Hue Dimmer Switch compatibility

Hello guys,
I am rather new to the Smart Home world and also the Hubitat. I am not the brightest man, so I've ordered two Philips Hue Dimmer Switches (because I want to expand in the future) and just realised that I am not even sure if I can use them with non-Philips bulbs?

Yes, the dimmers are supported in HE :+1:

Thanks for the quick answer! Can I connect it to the Hue Bridge and then use it with non-Philips? Or only if I connect it as Zigbee device?
thanks in advance

You could connect it to the bridge, but HE wont be able to see or control it.
But if connected, yes you can control non-Philips bulbs as long as they are also connected to the Hue bridge.

If you connect the dimmer to HE, you can control devices on HE and the Hue bridge, which is what I did when I had them. There's also some useful apps to use those dimmers as volume controllers for connected speakers etc.

In fact I have just remembered I do have a couple still, but they are connected to Hue as they are only controlling bulbs on Hue :+1:

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You are helping me so much! Thank you! I will see what apps there are for using them as anything other than light controls, sounds promising!

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Take a look at the button controller app in HE. You can control quite a few things here.

Bew aware of some functionality differences though connecting to HE. Although I've not found this to be an issue.

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You're amazing! I will have to look what these limitations mean for my use cases. But first, I need to wait as they're still shipping, lol

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Welcome to Hubitat, we all are here :joy: :+1:

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@martinx how did you get on with the hue dimmer? I'm thinking of buying a couple - also new to hubitat

Hello and welcome to HE!
I've already got my dimmer switches and one of them is in use as of now. It was not a problem at all to integrate them over Zigbee to HE.
So far everything is working fine really! First I've tried the integrated Button Controller App mentioned by @Royski, but then switched to the CoCoHue App mentioned in this thread ([How to] recreate Philips Hue Dimmer Switch functionality with RuleMachine) I hope the link works, and I've posted the whole thread because you might find the Rule Machine solution better for your use case.
Hope this helps.

Great! thanks - I'll have a read and see how I get on. The link did work btw.

Just an FYI - with the limitations @Royski linked to with long holds on buttons 1 and 4, I do use these features and have been able to get these to work by pairing my Hue dimmers to a Conbee2 Zigbee stick connected to my raspberry pi. The long holds were the only reason I needed to do this, as far as I'm aware all other features should be available when paired to HE.

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