Philio PST02ABC driver with extended parameter handling

I moved some old Philio PST02A/B/C devices from VERA. I started with several drivers and can't get long term stable, error free operation.
So I took the excellent Philio PAT02 driver of Denny Page (which works fine for my old PAT02A-Devices and now for my PST devices too) and adapted it for my Philio PST02 devices.
Many thanks for him!

I made some small additions to handle the different events of the Philio PST version in difference to the PAT.
And I added some more parameters as preference variables. The advantage is, that the parameter changes are done with the next wakeup. (Against the basic zwave tool, that needs a directly wakeup to change the parameters.) This supported e.g. the difficult testing of the suitable bit values behind the parameters 5-7.

URL GitHub - kunPet/hubitat


Fixed my issue beautifully! Thank you.

I got the question, what parameter preset works for me:

My parameter/ preferences are.
value = para5 ? para5.toInteger() : 56
value = para6 ? para6.toInteger() : 6
value = para7 ? para7.toInteger() : 86
value = pirInterval ? pirInterval.toInteger() : 12 // Para 8
value = batteryInterval ? batteryInterval.toInteger() : 12 //Para 10
value = doorInterval ? doorInterval.toInteger() : 12 //Para 11
value = temperatureInterval ? temperatureInterval.toInteger() : 2 //Para 13
value = tickInterval ? tickInterval.toInteger() : 30 //Para 20
value = temperatureDifferential ? temperatureDifferential.toInteger() : 3 //Para 21

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Sorry for asking but clicking your URL I cant find your modified drivers for the PST02A. :slightly_frowning_face: Can you give me a hint on where to find them? :slightly_smiling_face:

As it seems you have the latest modified version. My sensors work I think but shows the wrong battery level so I got my hopes on your driver… :smiley:

Sorry, I'm an amateur on github and my last trials obviously turned up badly.
Here is a new link:


Thanks man!

Sadly it doesnt fix my problem with battery level showing 255% but it sas worth a shot. Or maybe I just have to wait a bit for it to change. Does battery level show 255% for you to?

My battery level actually shows 100%.
It is necessary to click "configure". This sets the state variable "pendingResync" to true. Within the next wakeup of the device this state variable should switch to false. In this step, the current values are updated.

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Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: