Philio PST02-2C.US products please

Good morning Hubitat GURU.

I have just realized, that when purchasing a new Hub, one of the first criteria is compatible device selection.

I selected Hubitat as a VERA alternative based on high recommendations I received from friends, but I never looked at the device selection.

I'm stuck in a dilemma, I have several, I mean a lot of Philio (P S T 02 - 2C) that are now obsolete, if Hubitat does not include them as part of their Z-Wave device selection.

At this point, the cost of replacing all my Philio (P S T 02 - 2C), would be greater that the cost of a different Hub.

So please can you add the Philio (P S T 02 - 2C) as a new sensor.

Kind Regards

I found one of these on ebay and ordered it.. I’ll get a driver for it.


That would be great if you obtained the driver for the ( P S T 02 - 2C ).US, there one posted on Github, unfortunately, it doesn't I have tried several times, unless you can modify the code.


How about the zipato siren driver? The look identical, and in model number also

Isn't Philio using european z-wave frequency?

Hi Rxich,

Concerning the Zipato Siren driver, I am not a programmer, but I have to assume that the drivers would be totally different, the siren driver only has one main function to complete, on the other hand the Zipato Multisensor Trio, is responsible for 3 distinctive main functions, Temperature, Luminacent, and door or window contact, so I have to believe that the device drivers would be different.

Both Philio and Zipato, sell devices in a multitude of operational frequencies, including the US frequency.


Hi there, did you receive your E-bay purchase yet, the Philio PST02-2C.US.


Not yet

I also have 3 of these devices (PST02-2B), so please copy me on any resolutions. I'm not in a critical mode, lol, since I have several other motion detectors.
Dom, I like you, just migrated from Vera to Hubitat, and love every aspect of it.

Driver for this is in the current release.


Hey Sir,, yes, I was able to pair one of them. I've only been a HE user for a little over a week, and checked the supported brands on the drop down, and Philio wasn't there. But I believe I have received three updates since then, and now it's there. Thanks!


Good morning User1357,

Hate to tell you this but, after the Philio sensor issue, I got cold feet and decided to return the Hubitat controller.

I have been burnt so many times with manufacturers promising the moon only to received a piece of coal.

I had looked forward, to using Hubitat, has my last controller venture, but I was disappointed, maybe I expected to much, but figured if I was to spend so much time learning the system, it should at least cover some of the Z-Wave devices sold by large internet Z-Wave stores.

I may try Hubitat again and give it a second chance, I will see how things develop.

Hey Poordom, Sorry you have had a negative experience. I've been on it a couple weeks, and 100% satisfied. My GE/Jasco devices, Iris equipment made by Centralite, and just installed the IRIS garage opener successfully. Unfortunately, Philio is not an American design, manufactured product. I was pointed to the new driver by one of the developers and paired one of the three successfully.
I've been into the home automation stuff for over 10 years, so I have had quite a bit of experience in pairing, and setting up devices, with different hubs. I wish you the best in your quest, and keep in touch. Michael

Good afternoon Michael ( user1357 )

I have been playing around with home automation ever since the introduction of the very first Apple Macintosh Computer, at the time, an X-10 controller could connected to the Mac.

That was my introduction to HA.

I have seen and owned my fair share of controllers and devices, my Vera Plus was the last one, which I still own.

You mention "Philio is not an American design, manufactured product" actually most Z-Wave and Zigbee products are made in Asia, either China and Taiwan.

Most hardware companies like Inovelli, Zooz etc. buy products already on the Asian market, and tweak them to their specific requirement.

So it is quite normal to see a product with several different brand names, manufactured by one single company, there is a site that indicates all Z-Wave products and brand names, I am looking for that site now, can't find it, I will forward it to when I find it.

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Poordom, one thing I really had reinforced after joining this community, is how much I don't know, lol.

The first in my neighborhood, over 10 years ago, toying with this new thing called IRIS. Like a child in a toy store, standing in front of the IRIS display at Lowes, lol. Installed the system for my best friend, who was very ill, and thanks to it's log, I was able to logically deduct that he had passed, since his bedroom door had not opened since retiring for the evening, and he always kept his dog with him. That's the one thing I really miss with the demise of IRIS, is the simple log that listed each event on the mobile app dashboard.

When their new CEO decided to shut it down, I migrated to VERA, and had to purchase a lot of replacements for items that were not able to migrate over. with the refund check from Lowes. The battery failed on the Vera Plus within a year, which was never used because it was connected to my UPS box. But missed a lot of features but at least "home" meant home, and not "home armed" as it does in HE. (referencing how it handles the Centralite keypad).

I was at first intimidated by the range of experts and gurus on here, but I love the community. Everyone has been great on answering my questions and providing guidance and suggestions, including HE staff and programmers. But right now, HE does everything I want and like, and now I'm exploring how to expand my smart home.

As a side note, I was invited to Apple's release of the Apple Macintosh when they came to Tampa. (the beautiful high def screen in black/white, lol.) I started my PC experience with the original DOS 1.0, lol. But fell way behind when I got into professional IT project management for major companies.

Always appreciate your comments and suggestions! Thanks for taking the time.

You can do that with Hubitat, but it probably isn't exactly what you had before. If you go to a device on the dashboard, click the 3 dot menu, there is a History tab. Here is my basement light.


Thanks Neon, I checked that out, and yes, that would be a bit of a substitute. Unfortunately, you have to do that for each device. Us old Iris users remember the log on the mobile app, which displayed all events. If you received a intrusive alert, you could quickly look to see what tripped, and the room to room movement of the intruder. Of course, IRIS actually called you and played a message that you have an intruder, and what tripped it, besides the emails, and sms messages. If the engineers could combine the brains and complexity of HE, with the features of IRIS, that would make a smart home hub unmatched in the industry for DIY folks. Michael

Michael, the fact that you are working in IT gives you a leg up on my limited knowledge, I tinker a lot without success most of the time, but I keep trying.

Even if my first experience with Hubitat, was not all that successful, it doesn't mean that I won't try Hubitat again, in a near future.

You mentioned the Vera Plus having a battery, I never found one on mine.

I still have my ( what was referred to as a Fat Mac ) stored away, even have one of the first High Capacity Mac Hard Drive, 20 meg. yes folks you read this right 20meg. also still have my Dot matrix printer, total price at the time, $ 6800.00 CDN. I'm still paying for it.


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Michael, the following site gives you some product information, check it out.


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My bad, Vera Secure!
When IBM introduced the XT, it had 64K Ram, and a 10 meg hard drive, lol. Price: $4995.00! I'm giving my age away here, but the motherboard was only able to handle 256k of RAM, and with the addition of the AST 6Pack Plus, another 256K for a total of 512K of RAM. Now my camera shoots RAW images of 60 mb each, lol

Too funny to reminisce about old technology, hate to say, but my age is also showing.

The Fat Mac came with a 512K memory, which I immediately upgraded to a whole meg, the daughter board which sat on top of the motherboard, was the same size, if I'm not mistaken, the motherboard was thru the hole tech. we are now into nano tech and super nano, incredible.

Here is a good example, I have a Diamond Tech by Mitsubishi transportable 5 Watt cell phone, with the antenna on top of the car, lt weighs about 5 lbs, actually that was the battery, the corded phone sat on top of the battery.

I showed the phone to my granddaughter one day, her only comment, how do I play games on it?

Take care Michael.


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