Peanut plug price


I just want to say that I am so ticked I didnt buy more peanut plugs when they were $10... seems like for the last few months they have been $15 on amazon... :frowning:


TRÅDFRI are a half decent alternative and are good repeaters, Zigbee 3.0


TODAY is your day.
10 dollar peanut plugs at Amazon


Thanks! Needed one for a test project.


Thanks, picked up a few just to have around.


Dang, I wish I needed more. I have 2 extra that I'm only using for repeaters right now. I recently got an almond router to flash them for power usage, and now I'm flush with flashed peanuts and no projects for them! :joy:


Thanks for this share!!!!!! Yay!!!!


I converted one of my extra Peanut plugs into a momentary switch to control my garage door through a relay.


$10!? I wish! These are $40 in Canada on Amazon!