Peanut Plug firmware/OTA update

I was able to get Securifi to send me the OTA file for the peanut plugs. However, I'm struggling to figure out a mechanism to send the OTA file to the device.

Given the peanut plugs are Zigbee devices, I have a raspbee module installed on a Raspberry Pi. I loaded deconz and Phoscon on the Pi in an attempt to push the OTA update. The update is queued and it looks like the device is checking, but it never takes the update. I let it sit all night and it didn't work.

Is there another method I can use to push OTA updates to Zigbee devices? Any ideas would be appreciated.

I thought the only way to update these was through the Almond router. You definitely can't update them through Hubitat. Hubitat doesn't support firmware updates. You would have to get some other hardware, like a Conbee, to perform the update. With a Conbee (or Conbee II), the dezonz software allows for OTA updates.

Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing that file, I would appreciate it. Just shoot me a pm if you could.

I just ran across this today, it seems promising

Alternate method for updating Securifi Peanut plug firmware


Excellent find. Giving this a go.

In the end...this isn't really any different than using an Almond router. Cheap clone, but still the same process. I was hoping for a better hack than "buy this, update it with Almond Firmware, and flash your device".

MIght be just as cheap to grab an Almond off ebay. Or ask someone on here with an almond to flash the firmware.


I saw that the other day and ordered the Homescreen. It will be here tomorrow. Curious to see if it will work.

I just ordered one to try it on. Should know tomorrow if I can get this to work.

It should work. Based on what I read, you're effectively buying a hardware copy of an Almond 2015, so...with the Almond Firmware on should be golden.

Using my Almond, getting the Peanuts flashed takes bout 5 minutes or so, and is pretty easy to do.

I flashed several the other day, and the nice thing is they are crazy easy to pair with either hub, so the process is pretty quick.


I figure it's something to play with. The Peanut plug I currently have is paired to an echo show.

I'm going to flash it and move it to Hubitat.

They work well as zigbee repeaters for ZHA 1.2 compliant devices with Hubitat (so no Xiaomi Mijia/Aqara devices). Also, once you flash the new firmware, they will power report even with the generic zigbee outlet driver.

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Mine arrives Tues. If this works I can update plugs for anyone in the STL metro :slight_smile:

Got the cheap HomeScreen router today. Flashed with Almond 2015 firmware (AL2-R109). Working my way through upgrading the firmware on my Peanut outlets now.

I have a couple that did not do power reporting with the generic driver which was okay because I put them where I didn't need/want it and didn't want to spend the money for an actual Almond...

Interestingly, some outlets that were reporting power also had updates available. So far the plugs I have updated are working just as before, but now with power monitoring.

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Excellent news!

I found the Peanut driver still delivers a Warning message in the logs for some message that Hubitat can't parse, so I went into the driver and commented out the warning generation.

Once I did that, my updated Peanuts are nice and quiet (log wise) but seem to report power utilization well.


The updated plugs will report power use with the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver as well.

Yeah, I switched to the alternate driver for some reason, but now I can't remember


Yay! I'm OTAing my peanuts as we speak. Power reporting is so handy sometimes. :slight_smile:

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Dude that is so freaking awesome. Grabbed one
Thank You, I love flashing stuff, it's like a frankenrouter.
and for 15 bucks, the fun will last longer than a case of beer and I won't have a hangover after!


Have you tried using the repeater function? I've been looking at expanding my wifi into my garage for a couple of low-bandwidth devices. For 15 bucks, it might be worth it.

The repeater function on original Almond hardware (Almond3) worked well. So I'd say it's worth $15. At worst, send it back to Amazon.

I don't believe in the "Amazon Rental Program". :wink: I returned something recently that I didn't even open just because I changed my mind and I felt guilty about that! lol