Paying for drivers

Sorry if this is the wrong section, but wondering if there are freelance developers out there who create basic drivers (with supplied API) for purchase? I don't have the skills or time to develop one but looking how much it would cost to make a basic one to control a streaming audio player with basic HTTPG Get commands.

FYI - you can do for free this using Rule Machine (as long as you have the URLs and don't change the IP address of your streaming audio player).

You can also use @ogiewon's HTTP Momentary Switch driver for the same purpose.

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thanks yeah I looked into that and started getting it working, but wanted something a little more streamlined

Post what you need. If it is easy, I bet someone on here will do it for free. If for nothing more than the challenge. :wink:


And you can always donate whatever to them as well.
A lot of devs on this forum have donate buttons on their free app/driver pages.

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I looked at your query from several days ago.

My thoughts (but not an offer): Looking at the API, many can be readily accomplished - but would require you to perform some tests in the process. It is dependent on the functionality you want in Hubitat. The device itself can play URLs, USB devices. It is also multi-room. The complexity will determine the difficulty (See Samsung Multiroom for idea of complexity). What are the functions you want coded?

  • Playback Control (Pause, Resume, etc) - not difficult.
  • Playback Control - single or playlist - more complex - depending on what you want. Simple URL is relatively easy. Device or streaming service playback is more difficult.
  • USB Playback - simple previous, next. Difficult to display/manipulate list.
  • Multiroom - most difficult (mostly getting started w/o test device).

For all. The barebone device is < 40 on Amazon (US). Not an expensive development platform.

I am also using Arylic for whole home audio. Great solution at a third of the cost of Sonos.

It would be awesome if someone wrote a driver to control Arylic from Hubitat. If someone is interested I am happy to provide input on specs. I am a product guy, but I have not coded for many years.

I wrote a driver that works well for me, but I want to get input from other testers with a wider variety of devices. PM me if you want to try it out.

FYI: @copetersen

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By the way, there are a seemingly endless number of branded versions of this hardware. The app look and feel is the telltale indicator that they all basically use the same API for programming and interoperate pretty well for grouping and playback control.

A few examples: 1

Sorry to have missed your response last year. Did I understand it correctly that you wrote a driver for Arylic?

Yes. But I stopped using my Arylic devices a while back, so I'd appreciate some help testing to make sure that there haven't been any changes to the API. PM me your GitHub login and I'll send it your way.

Have you done any further testing on this?
I am just about to order my first Arylic amp.
Why did you stop using yours?

I ended up posting my integration here: Arylic - Whole home audio - #2 by tomw . You'll have to install manually because I didn't add them to my HPM listing yet.

It still works as far as I know, though my devices have been in a drawer for a while. The main reason I switched was that I got to 3 different audio systems in my house (Sonos, Bose SoundTouch, and Arylic/Dayton/up2stream) and needed to reduce some to get a cleaner overall experience.

And they were the hardest to integrate with my local NAS for audio files, so I took the Arylic devices down. But they work pretty well for internet streaming services, and you can't beat the price.

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Ouch! That was not what I wanted to hear.
I am looking at buying the Arylic to integrate with my QNAP NAS as I have all my music on it. I usually use Airplay and now Airplay2 to drive my patio speakers.
I'm concerned about the "they were the hardest to integrate with my local NAS" statement.
I wanted the option of controlling my audio from my NAS using the HE besides using Airplay.
Can you elaborate more on this as it is key to my decision?

When I was using it, you could only load tracks from a web server. They didn't have the ability to mount a network share directly. You can make it work, but it's a little more tedious to work with.

You'll probably want to experiment with saved playlists and also figure out exactly how you want to interact with it (from Hubitat or more generally from their app). It might work just fine for your needs.

If you just want to load a track from a known URL on your NAS, my integration can do that just fine.

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