Paul Hibbert goes after ZigBee Again

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He reminds me of a component on my car engine, hmmmmm....... its the ........hmmmmmm .........Dipstick


I don't think he has anything else to talk about. Maybe the Zigbee manufacturers stopped sending him any new toys.

Seriously?, zigbee is no more of a con than z-wave...

And trust me, having actually certified a hub for z-wave, there is no bigger con than that honestly....

Oh yeah, certification gaurentees interoperability, how's that working out...


When are you adding a Tuya intergration app

I must have missed the point because three times he said, he wasn't comparing anything but Price.

WiFi is less than Z-Device. WHY?

That's what I got from it. All the Myth stuff is focused on specific comments to his previous video.

But the one useful question is WHY the Price Difference? Not why are they ~$1 apart, but WHY are they >$20 apart? :smiley:


He takes issue with Hue for being so expensive relative to other stuff for not much better (and sometimes worse) functionality.

Seems more like a like a Tuya vs Hue platform rant even though he insists it's about protocol comparison only. Local control vs phoning home to a remote server is NOT about the protocol.

I generally find his videos enjoyable even though I do not always agree with his conclusions.


Yeah, if he is only trying to argue that Zigbee shouldn't cost more than Wi-Fi, as he's claiming, then I'm not sure why he spends so much time on other arguments. It seems like he's just so anti-Hue that he will use any excuse to bash them. Yes, Hue can be expensive--but yes, I can tell the difference between a Hue bulb and that 5-quid Wi-Fi bulb you found. And yes, even non-Hue Zigbee devices tend to cost more than lots of Wi-Fi devices. But as far as I'm concerned, Zigbee devices are better. :slight_smile: Group broadcasting, scene tables, mesh networking, generally standard-ish communication profiles (none of which I think he's ever mentioned) and even low-power-consumption sensors (as he finally concedes at the end).


I watch his opening but couldn't stand watching more.

He thinks people are married to zigbee and that is why they left the comments they did.

No people were annoyed about the last video because he was misleading.

The number of people I come across on reddit who have a house full of WiFi devices and wonder why they can't keep everything online. Only to realize they have to buy a hub...err new router after all.

WiFi just delays the hub price.

He was misleading about wifi power. He compared light bulb power which no one ever said had a power difference. The power difference comes in water leak sensors and contact sensors.

I can't stand watching him. It is like watching faux news when your semi informed about their topic they are being misleading about.


But he then talks about Lifx bulbs which is just as expensive as hue if not more per bulb.


I can totally see that - except maybe more Daily Mail in sensationalism than FN.

If he really hated price differentials, shouldn't he have a whole section on Lutron?

"Zigbee is still a con"

Wow, I am glad I saw this video.

I've been conned by some inexpensive and reliable Zigbee devices... Is it safe to throw them in the trash, or do I need to find my county's hazardous waste center?


I think he's on the take, probably supported by a WiFi device manufacturer. He lacks in-depth knowledge and facts, just like CNN.


His videos are a bit slapstick aren't they "Oooh the zibee" and his crescendoes. I love the guy in AutomateYourLife, so peaceful and gentle. But I do watch Paul Hibbert, he does give food for thought. Remember, don't hate - automate!


Guys like this remind me of the hosts of radio call-in shows, such as WFAN, the sports talk station in NYC... pathetic creature, desperate for attention, with nothing interesting to say, keeps repeating "controversial" opinions, as it gets him attention and views, and he makes some tiny fraction of a cent per view.

This generic toaster pastry (because the brand name "PopTart" is too good for the likes of him) can't even think of a NEW "controversial opinion", so he reprises something he says is over a year old.

I was at a symposium last year, and someone who decided to try to base a career on critiquing everything and anything I said or did since the 1970s tracked me down, and asked a question after a talk I gave. The proper answer, the ONLY answer was, of course "I'm sorry, can you tell us all who you are, and your institution?"

Lot's of "conditions" he has to add to make the argument on Wifi, for example he assumes all Wifi devices have "local" control once connected. Maybe Tuya can do this but not others. And then he doesn't get into that each Wifi brand has to have it's own app running to make it work, Bouncing from a Lifex to Feit, to others is rather painful unless you tie it together with Alexa, Google, or something else which will not function the minute the internet is down.

Yes ZigBee has some issues due to the "profiles" that make interoperability painful because a manufacturer wants lock in. But in general most devices work great together.

Nice Hubitat shout-out though.

Honestly, I don't understand the negativity towards him. Maybe I just haven't been around home automation enough but I find him both entertaining and also bringing up very good points to think about that I don't see others bring up.

When I saw this thread start, I was thinking oh this will be fun. Wow, was I wrong... It's very negative against him.

Ok, I am going to go back to trying to figure out why my driveway motion sensor doesn't trigger properly. :smiley:

Have a good one all!


I like him. He is hilarious and imo approaches smart homes his own Mish mash but logical way. Everything he does works and he clearly spends a lot of time automating his house.

Also not everyone can spend loads on bulbs and devices so cheap is good, also there is no real need for devices to be expensive sometimes it feels like an exclusive club

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