Paul Hibbert again

didn't see any duplicate, so here goes.All Smart Home Devices In One App - 7 Smart Home Dashboards - YouTube

near the end had good things to say about Hubitat.


I thought this was a pretty fair review/overview of Hubitat and other smart home dashboards.

Anyone know what Android widgets he was referring to for controlling devices with Hubitat?

In the section about widgets he is mainly talking about widgets relating to individual manufacturers, but did also mention Home Assistant, not Hubitat. You could look at using Tasker potentially to setup some widgets that way.

I must watch his video again. I do remember the individual manufacturer widgets but I was I certain he mentioned widgets again in the Hubitat section

I only re-watched the widget section :slightly_smiling_face:. I should watch the Hubitat section again...

He did mention the play store apps and so on when talking about Hubitat.

Maybe @PaulHibbert would be kind enough to list what he uses?


I'm sure he was talking about this one:

It's an amazing (and unheralded), great product if you happen to have an android phone.
It makes it VERY easy to create a dashboard for local control. (EASY PEAZY).

I'm sure that you have much greater control with the built in dashboard, but if you want something quick and easy, this is the one to use.


Paul was really balanced this time when it came to devices/dashboards. Glad to see that he brought up Hubitat and gave a great shout out to the folks here in the community.


can someone edit the thread title and spell his name correctly :slight_smile:


Yes. Big button, high contrast, quick access, no glasses dashboards.

Personally, I don’t think Paul knows what home automation is. He uses all these widgets and apps to control all his stuff. Home automation is well just that automation. I try to automate as much as I can so I don’t have to use widgets, apps or dashboards. I only use external controls when I have odd circumstances that are not covered by my automations. Paul needs to automate.



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Just use an app like Any Widget and MakerAPI endpoints or Rule Machine cloud endpoint triggers. Bingo! You have HE widgets.


Yup. I use RM cloud end points and iOS shortcuts.

Amazing how automation has so many different options now. Some folks want buttons and dashboards, some want the invisible butler. It's great that we can go in either direction depending on the needs of the individual.


I appreciate you guys posting the summary of the video. I don't like Paul's videos - I don't think he is funny in the least, don't like the weird voices he does, he is often crazily opinionated with only a fraction of the knowledge he needs to be that "dug in" - and thus won't watch his videos.

But I am sometimes interested in knowing his opinion, so these summaries are useful. Thanks!


I have to admit I do enjoy his videos with his impressions and characters - Watching his latest weekly video is part of my Saturday morning :stuck_out_tongue:

I do think he goes in heavily negatively on Philips Hue though, I for one don't own any Philips Hue bulbs but I do have 5 Hue Bridges all running locally into Hubitat with the API which work brilliantly for our lighting. That said, he makes his point in an entertaining way with the boardroom shots!


I agree with you completely. I find his videos to be pure cringe but he has a decent following and from some of the comments of others, there must be people that find him funny.


No worries! Comedy / entertainment is subjective... Otherwise there would only be 1 comedian and 1 talk show host. :+1::grinning: