Patched webCoRE for Hubitat (2018/09/09)



The weather feature relies on an app method in ST:

Without it, the $weather variable will not be populated.


sure wish HE would include the api in the code


I was able to use one of the weather devices exposed to WebCore.

Also, solved the issue of parsing the response. So, it wasn't the JSON response, it was the plain text response where it was failing. In ST, I had to first log the response and then set the variable to it. In HE, I pulled the logging part out and it worked perfectly. Another thing removed from ST.


What weather device did you use? I'm also trying to convert a piston that was using ST weather.


Thanks, I'll look to use a weather device instead. Anyone find a weather device on HE that has weather warnings by chance?


@Cobra has a great DH.


Problem is I don't have a Weather Underground API to use Cobra's driver. I'm using ApiXU driver but can't find one with Alerts on it.


APIxu doesn’t provide weather alerts unfortunately.


I use the APIXU weather device. Works really well. When you say you want weather alerts...what do you mean? Alerts spoken out of an Echo or GH device? Or alert on your phone? Or action taken in HE?


I think he means the NWS severe weather alerts.


I wan't asking what type of alerts I'm asking what type of notification. I'm asking because I'm wondering why this has to be through HE.


Is there an ability to take action on HSM from something else in webCoRE? I see above posts about using HSM as the condition, but I want to use it the Action statement. In do with Location, all I see is ST SHM.

Basically I am using the simplisafe driver in all my apps, but I need to clone HSM for use elsewhere.


Yes, use the location device, and the "Set Hubitat Safety Monitor status..."


It is just not there as an option for me. :frowning:


Can you do me a huge favor please? Can you create a piston that just takes an action of arm (or disarm) on the HSM and share the backup code? I want to see what happens if I import it.


Can you check your webcore source line: 3306? Should match what's on github:

alarmSystemStatus: [ n: 'Hubitat Safety ...




@putnamjwp If I change the webcore endpoint too from a local endpoint will that screw up Webcore ?


What SmartApps did you add to Hubitat? That standard ones or the ones modified for Hubitat? It looks like you don't have the correct versions. Nothing for Smart Home Monitor should be in there.


I don't understand your question. Your endpoint is where the dashboard for webCoRE is so you can modify your pistons. You cannot have the dashboard running on The Hubitat doesn't work that way. Changing it to that makes no sense. What are you trying to do?