Passing data from Rules to Action

I have some rules that alert me if doors have been left open. So each door has a similar rule. Then all these rules call an "Door left open alert" action, which sends a message, by SMS and voice alert. How can I pass in some data that ensures my alert action can know which door rule triggered it, so I can put the correct door name in the message? I tried %device% but this doesnt seem to get passed from the calling rule, as it ends up blank,

I have similar rules for doors left unlocked, which then locks the door after a certain time, and again alerts to indicate the door was automatically locked. So it be useful to know if this can be done, as having to set up a different action for each rule would get labourious, as I have 6 doors. And it would also be a pain if I want to amend things later.

It's not possible to pass data to actions. You'd have to do this in the rule where the door being left open is the trigger or condition.

Just a thought, but maybe you could so something with Cobra Apps? Check this out. He might even customize something for you if there's an interest. All you have to do is reach out. Pretty receptive guy. @Cobra

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Message Central should be able to do it ‘as is’
It can alert on ‘open contacts’ and have a variable %device% which will be changed to the name of the open contact in the message.



It would be good if there could be an additional field in the rule when you select an action, which could be used to pass an extra string; as I'm ending up with a lot of rules with almost similar actions.

Yes, I did look into Message Central, and it does look useful. And also Rooms Manager does announcements. But as there are also other events where I need this capability, such as my autolocking rules, I thought I'd just stick to Rule Manager for maximum flexibility and independence.

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OK, you talked me into it. Next release of RM will include this ability. It can pass the triggering event information to an Action that is run by the rule.


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