Owners group?


Now that I have my shiny little hub, how does one get into the Owners group?? :smile:


Contact @bobbyD and he'll help with that.


Welcome! Now you have your new shiny smiley icon too :smile:


Huzzah. It's good to be with the cool kids. :laughing:


What is the Owners group?


It is the elite club of people who are elevating their environment. You are part of this club now too :slight_smile:


I might rather be King, but I suppose Owner is pretty cool.


Well, looks like we've got you covered ...



Wow. So my first act as King is to take over more Smartthings territory. Since I only have one day, we better be quick. Charge!!!!


Well I just made my first rule to test things. Door sensor opens, Chromecast tells wife that she should give her husband a cuddle. Win.


If you plan on moving more than 20 Z-Wave devices, I'll be sure to crown you for more days. I wouldn't want you to start off your mesh on the wrong foot :slight_smile:


No need for a costly offensive...They seem to be ceding territory at an accelerated pace.


Sadly I was never on ST. I would have been much further ahead in understanding HE if I had some background with ST. I arrived from HomeAssistant, with brief inclusions of Wink and Vera.


I'll second that, coming from Wink it's a bit of a difference. That being said once you start digging it's not that bad.


I am really liking Hubitat.


Me too and I've only had it for a day. I think it's happy middle between the tinkerers and the plug and players. Obviously got room to improve, but the team seems keen to grow the platform properly.


Well, I guess here is the place to get the owner's smiley. My Hubitat is working nicely to take over 90% of the functionality I had with my Iris system (cameras are the only thing lacking). I've added more functionality also now that I can add Zigbee devices not designated "works with Iris."


Send @bobbyD a request and he'll elevate you with the Owner badge of honor.


BobbyD must have been reading as I now see a smiley. :grin:


I was. Welcome aboard! :smile: