Override motion trigger - red series dimmer

I have a nice rule setup in my laundry room, Motion triggers on/off in combination status with sensors on doors. The switch is setup in a 4 way config, where the red series switch needing to be located in the least available/used spot. When someone is washing the dog and doesn’t hit my motion sensor, the light turns off.

Is there a way to override the rule machine rule with a double push on the GE Enbrighten add ons, or would I need to go back to the main Inovelli Red dimmer to run a scene? Is there another configuration setting/rule I should consider?

My other alternative is to get a second motion sensor to potentially better monitor the dead spot in coverage.


The add-on is not directly connected to the Hubitat, so you cannot use it in any rules. An additional motion sensor would make your life easier, however, you could use the red series switch to override the rule machine rule. When the light comes on with motion, and the dog needs to be washed, hit the top of the switch, which will trigger the button 1 push event, then have a variable in Rule Machine (or create a virtual switch) to extend the time for the off command.

When you double-click on the GE Enbrighten add-ons, doesn't that cause the Inovelli switch to which they are wired to generate a central scene double-click?

I don't have Inovelli Red dimmers, I have HomeSeer devices, but I think they use the same "Remote" switches and that's how they behave. Assuming the Inovelli does the same, even though the "remotes" don't connect via Z-wave, the connected-to device does still generate its central scene notifications.

My preference here is usually to add another motion sensor...they are relatively cheap, and remove any need for anyone to remember anything/do something special. At least in my house, clever work-arounds that require additional steps are rarely successful in the long term. Better to fix the problem - in this case cover the dead spot w/an additional sensor. Just my two cents... :slight_smile:

I’m also leaning this way, and will watch for some sales on motion sensors!

These Sonoff motion sensors are inexpensive and AFAIK work well w/HE. I don't have any myself to report on. You can get one for about $18 and two for about $30 on Amazon.


There is some discussion of them here...

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