Overall state of Ikea fyrtur shades and accessories?

The IKEA fyrtur shades come with three parts and I'm trying to confirm their support within hubitat.

  1. The shades themselves. There are lots of threads saying they are supported and I can see the device type in the ui, so I believe this just works
  2. There rocker controller. This is a helpful controller that I had previously used in smartthings for other applications. Another thread (A Zigbee "double action rocker push button" that works with Hubitat) states they are unsupported but I would love confirmation of this, if possible? Mine successfully pairs via ZigBee pairing, but as a "device" and nothing appears in it's event log and I don't seem to be able to reassign it to a generic ZigBee switch (other device types don't look promising, but I haven't tried this exhaustively)
  3. A plug-in device that can act as a ZigBee repeater to help the shades with signal strength. I haven't started to research these

It may be obvious that the one I currently care about is the rocker switch. Thanks in advance for any clarification!

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I have 5 IKEA Fyrtur roller blinds connected to an IKEA gateway, mainly so I can use the included open/close remotes. To allow Hubitat to monitor and control the blinds; I linked the IKEA gateway to Home Assistant that’s installed as a virtual machine on my Synology NAS, and Home Assistant is linked to HE-HA-Control in Hubitat. It all works really well, and so far it’s been rock solid. I also like being able to monitor the blinds and remote batteries via Hubitat dashboard.

I have 12 :roll_eyes: IKEA Fyrtur blinds and have spent many hours trying to get the IKEA remote button working with HE. My ‘too good to throw away’ box has 12 of these buttons.

The USB repeater that comes with the blind is required for communication. Multiple blinds in one room only require one repeater. Our living room has 4 blinds and one repeater.

I do not use the IKEA gateway. The shades are paired directly to HE. The remote button that comes with the blind no longer works once they are paired with HE. I don’t know about the ‘rocker switch’ you mentioned.

I use Aqara buttons to control the blinds with a button rule. One tap sets the blinds to 55% (I have OCDP and the bottom of the shade must be even with the middle of the window). Two taps open the blinds fully. A push closes the blinds. Aqara buttons are known to drop off the mesh, and these have in the past but not for the last 3 weeks for some reason. If/when these drop off I plan to replace them with Sonoff buttons.

A lot of this is covered in another thread, so may not make sense to reproduce it all in a new one, but .. just had to comment ..

The Tradfri repeater is simply a Zigbee repeater. It is in no way required. I have five Fyrtur shades in my house and went for many months before I took the repeaters out of the box. I do use two of them now where I don't have mains powered Zigbee devices, but they have nothing to do with the shades.

You are correct as I just discovered. The ZigBee repeaters I was using months ago were Centralite which are flaky. Apparently my mesh was using the IKEA repeater and not the Centralite. Now that the Centralites are gone and Tuya repeaters are in the mesh, the IKEA repeater is not needed.

Thanks for filling my ‘too good to throw away’ drawer. :+1:

I apologize for replying to a thread without linking to the previous thread. It was late and I was lazy.

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