A Zigbee "double action rocker push button" that works with Hubitat

Hello. I'm trying to find a Zigbee "rocker push-button", not really sure what the correct terminology for these are but what I'm looking for is exactly what comes with the IKEA Fyrtur blinds (see picture). Just a simple button that is normally at rest in the middle and you can push up or down (but doesn't stick there but goes back to its middle resting position if not pushed).

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to get the IKEA ones (of which I have a bunch) to work with Hubitat even though the blinds themselves work just fine.

So does anyone know of a similar Zigbee button that would work with Hubitat? I feel very ashamed that I seem to be unable to find this myself... but all I get are simple push buttons or "lightswitch type" buttons with only one action but not two (up/down). I'm probably just missing the correct name of a button like this to search for though.

If you can find them, the Osram/Sylvania smart dimmers might work for your needs.

These? I like these, they are ugly as F though

They could work with the latest firmware

I haven't found a driver that works and have been spending 5 minutes a week to modify a driver for my own use but don't have an immediate need (just have a lot sitting around).

They changed the communication mode to unicast from multicast so the main blocking item is gone. You will have to use their hub, z2m or ha to update since habitat doesn't update the tradfri devices.

ZOOZ ZEN34 has been very reliable for me.
It is z-wave 700.

Edit: Sorry did not see that you wanted zigbee....