Outside Temperature

I am wanting to obtain the temperature outside. all i am attempting to do is if the weather gets below say 35 degrees outside i will turn the water to the outdoor spigots off to avoid a freezing.

i see there are apps that can get the temperature which would be ideal but there seem to be so many threads that are endless.

or maybe just easier to get a z-wave temperature device and place it outside and just read it

any advice?


I've seen several recommendations for the Ecowitt lineup if you want 100% local accuracy. Aside from that, there's a bakers dozen of weather apps out there. I'm currently using this one.

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i don't need accuracy. I will just shut the valve off when the temp goes below 40 or something like that.

i don't need alerts just a way to see if the temperature is below 40 maybe and just shut the valve off

I just use the temp from my Blink cameras to trigger anything that needs outdoor temp.

I have a weather driver that uses NWS data if you are in the USA. Does not need any codes or API keys which many do. For temperature it has hourly data plus a 24 hour rolling average.

Of course having an outdoor temperature sensor is nice as long, as you remember to change the batteries, which can run die quickly in cold weather.

I rather have some kind of API vs. outdoor something with battery.

I am in the USA and round numbers are ok with me

please share


Click on the blue link in my prior message and you can see sample screens and descriptions of its operation.

There is also a host of Community drivers that can provide weather-related information (APIs and using devices):

The "Weather Drivers" section in the initial post is pretty much at the bottom of the 1st post (there are lots of community drivers).


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