Outside Automatic lights on doors/locks/presence


Here is my set of rules to achieve the following goals:

  • Dusk to Dawn switch is turned on when illuminance <= 5 for my weather station
  • When Dusk to Dawn switch is on turn on the outside lights for 5 minutes when any of these happen
    • When someone comes home
    • A door is unlocked
    • A door is opened (lights stay on until 5 minutes after door is closed)

I ended up doing this via an Action, Conditional Rule, and Triggered Rule:

This Conditional Rule has been replaced with the one in the next post

note that the delays in the screenshots are at 15 seconds from testing I increased the Action delay to 5 minutes and the repeat delay to 4:55 I would be interested if there is a better way to keep the lights on while the door remains open than just repeatedly triggering the Action to reset the delay.

Recreating a WebCore Piston with RM. Light stays ON with Motion, until Door contact "Opens"

Rubber Duck Debugging FTW! After posting I realized I could potentially pause/resume the Action with doors open/close and avoid the repeat and it works!

Rule condition on state change (lock > unlock)