Outdoor plug suggestions

It'll be time to put the Christmas lights up on the house before long. Thought it would be great to find a plug I can integrate into Hubitat. Does anyone have experience with this plug or have any recommendations for a better one?

Regardless if it works, the biggest issue with Z-Wave outside is range from the nearest repeater or the Hub. Most likely OK, but, as in real estate, the most important factors in home automation is Location, Location, Location.

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That plug works with Hubitat. If I'm remembering rightly, EVA LOGIK used to be the OEM for iNovelli.

Edit: I just saw that you indicated the ZW97, which has two controlled outlets. The ZW96, with one controlled outlet, currently works with Hubitat. However, a built-in driver for the ZW97 will be in the next platform update:

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There is a repeater right on the other side of the exterior wall where it would be

That's good to know. I have some other ideas for using it in mind, which is why I wanted the one with 2 controllable outlets, so maybe I'll hold off for the next update and see if @mhl2020 has any luck since they already have one.

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I think the one you have linked is probably the best (only) option I've seen for Z wave and dual plugs. Haven't seen anything Zigbee.

Two other options that I have that work
Geeni Duo Need to be flashed with Tasmota
Kasa KP400 Needs the Kasa community driver

does anyone know of one that has a secure sealed case for the plug to go inside so the connection cannot get wet with rain.. thanks

I just bought this plug for my bug trap and string lights over my deck, the individually controlled 2 outlet variant and both outlets work fine for me in Hubitat. Have not been through a rain yet so time will tell how well it holds up, I think its is IP65 so only low pressure water spray and no submersion so be weary of that with placement. It paired first try with no issue and the latency basically non-existent for my application. It replaced a WiFi Feit Outdoor Plug that supposedly can be flashed with Tasmota, but I never went to the effort since those outlets aren't individually controllable anyway and also one isn't always powered like the zw96 so both things either have to be on or off.

Interesting, I am on version and it paired fine with the EVA LOGIK Smart Plug driver. I have the ZW97.

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I've been using the GE\Jasco\Honeywell outdoor plug for years with zero issues in remote locations.

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Yeah it really comes down to what your need is, single outlet there are a decent amount of options, but if you want 2 plugs and want zigbee or z-wave, the only ones I have found are the ZW96 and ZW97. If you are fine with WiFi I have had nothing but great experiences with the Kasa community app for Hubitat and the Kasa 2 outlet plug is definitely cheaper than the ZW97.

I've also been using the GE outdoor plugs for christmas for a couple years, have had no problem.


Yup! That's the exact one I have. Love it.

I normally prefer zigbee and z wave devices. But for stuff like this that get moved around a lot, wifi devices work out well. Don't have to worry about causing mesh issues.

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