Eva Logik ZW97 with C-5 and

I saw in the release notes that "EVA LOGIK Outdoor Plug (ZW96) using EVA LOGIK Smart Plug" is a new compatible device. The ZW96 model is the one with 1 smart outlet and 1 always-on outlet. I took a chance and bought ZW97 which has 2 smart outlets, but its not pairing with my C-5 running firmware

In particular, the C-5 sits in inclusion mode and doesn't discover anything. I've factory reset the smart plug, and tried the "triple press within 2 seconds" to force it, but still no devices are discovered. The plug is only a couple inches away from the hubitat.

Thank you for any troubleshooting ideas. Otherwise, I'll return the ZW97 and try ZW96, but it seems like they're similar enough that if one is supported, the other should be?

Did you try excluding it?

Thanks for the reply. I had not tried excluding it before (because it was never successfully included), but I tried just now and nothing noticeable happened. I also tried including again after trying to exclude and still no devices are found by hubitat.

Sometimes a device can be included for a test at the factory so it never hurts to exclude it before including it. I have made it a habit to always exclude before an include just to be safe. That said if you did an exclude it should have said "Unknown Device Excluded". Something seems off at the device level here.

There is a driver in 2.2.4 that should work for this device

Sorry, but does

mean that the 2.2.4 exists? My hub is not seeing anything beyond

It is still under development. Once that is complete it will go into Beta. Then it will be released to the public.

Understood. Thanks for the clarification.

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Just an update - I had to return the ZW97 because I wasn't sure when 2.2.4 will be available, but I exchanged for ZW96 which is working well with Thanks!

Zw97 works great for me on c5 latest firmware. Although I have thought about smashing my C7 for how it treats my zooz devices.

Today, with the release of firmware 2.2.4, I tried to added the ZW97 outdoor outlet, but it is adding it as a "Zooz Double Plug". This does not seem to be correct.

I think Eva is the manufacturer of Zooz. So it probably is correct. They are both outlets, and both are double plug. If it works, use it. Many of the built in drivers work on more than one device.

I have my zw97 outlets installed in hubitat. They get installed as zooz double plug and each plug is installed as a "generic component metering switch". One thing i have noticed is i turn on the outlet it will also turn on the left outlet. But if I want to use the right outlet, I have to remember to also turn on the main outlet which in turn turns on the look left outlet. Is it possible to only use the right outlet ?