Osram Sylvania Lightify

I know we shouldn't use Osram Lightify bulbs with Hubitat since they act as repeaters but what about the RGBW Flex strips and Gardenspot minis. Do they act as repeaters too?

I'm using gardenspots on my HE without any issues but I have read where others have had lots of issues.

When I looked up the specs on the RGBW flex strips they appeared to be ZLL so I left them on the lightify hub and use the community integration below. I only have a couple flex strips and this approach works well for me. I should just replace the flex strips but one of them would take me a couple days to swap out and I'm lazy.



I had my Gadenspots on HE, but stability was touch and go. They’re now on HA via Z2m with Home Assistant Device Bridge to bring them back into HE where my automation is done.

Completely solid with z2m. Not a single drop and they’re more responsive than I experienced before.

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I have 32 of there gu10 rgbw bulbs on my hubitat and all is good here

I have 9 sets of the Gardenspots, with 4 constantly connected (they act as wall-washing color lights around the outside of the house). The other 5 are used primarily for Halloween. Never had any real issues with any of them for connection, besides the occasional "need to re-pair". Never have figured out if it was firmware or some other factor because it just does not happen enough to bother me.

Despite what some say... I have a few of the bulbs around as well and really have not run into issues. Then again I also have a bunch of Securifi Peanut Plugs and other random stuff... and my ZigBee mesh seems pretty stable.

The only "oddity" I have with regards to the ZigBee mesh is that I sometimes pick up somebody else's CT bulbs. I just leave them be... never had any desire to start flipping them on/off at nighttime to see which neighbor's house has smart bulbs and they did not realize it. Even if I remove them they get detected the next time I pair something.

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Because Zigbee ZLL 1.2 bulbs make terrible repeaters when used in conjunction with Zigbee ZHA devices (sensors and whatnot). So they will continue to cause unstable meshes. It's recommended to keep ZLL on their own mesh using a Hue bridge or another Hubitat. The exception to this are either Sengled bulbs (they do not repeat) or Zigbee 3.0.

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