Osram Lightify PAR16 50 TW color temperature bulbs - some not turning off with Sengled Element Plus driver, others ok


I have six Osram Lightify PAR16 50 TW (CT) bulbs (might also be available in the US from Sylvania, not sure).

These are detected by Hubitat as Generic ZigBee RGBW Light althought they're only CT bulbs. With the Generic ZigBee RGBW Light driver (and also with the Generic Zigbee Zigbee CT bulb (dev) driver), all bulbs turn on and off just fine. However, on/off transitions don't work - the bulbs just turn on and off.

I found out that transitions do work with the Sengled Element Plus driver. However, with that one, two of my bulbs do not fully turn off - they only dim down to the lowest level but stay on. I recently paired all bulbs to Osram's gateway and updated to the latest firmware. All bulbs have the same settings, I unpaired/repaired them etc. - doesn't change anything. I have no idea what might be wrong.

Any ideas?


Sounds like a driver issue.
I presume that the transition is a slow dimmer part, to a certain level, and then send off command at the end. But if it only sends level-To, lets say 1% or 0%, different firmware in the bulbs might turn one off, and the other one stops at lowest on level in that bulb firmware. Just thinking loud here, but it sounds like itโ€™s missing the off command...

The generic drivers do not work on all stuff.
The huge amount of products out there have so many different attributes, that one driver for all sounds impossible to me.
I would stick to supported devices, just as a tip. When one tries to go the other way, get some stuff, and hope it works, You might end up where you are now. Itโ€™s a risk, at least...

But hey, I will not be shocked if one of the great contributing developers add support for those bulbs in the generic driver in the future, triggered by this post... :wink:



thanks for your reply - thing is I already had the bulbs from my previous SmartThings installation. Hue bulbs are far superior - but also a much more expensive.

However, turns out the firmware update for the bulbs in question might not have worked before - or Osram/Ledvance released another one. After pairing the bulbs to Osram's bridge once again and doing an update, they seem to behave like the others now.


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