Support for OSRAM SMART+ Spot GU10 Tunable White?

Hi folks, just purchased the hubitat and am setting up devices. I searched for the device in the subject line on the forum to see if anyone had any tips on adding this device but couldn't find anything. The part number is AC05347 - this item: OSRAM SMART+ Spot GU10 Tunable White PAR16 Spot AC05347 Zigbee compatibility

I have a number of them that I'd like to transfer over from my smart things hub to my hubitat, but can't see it listed as a device, nor has using any similarly named ones helped. Any advice please?

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Sorry, no definitive answer for you, but have a look at this old thread:

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Thank you, I've paired them as a generic device given that's what the person in that post did, and they're performing perfectly!

What a great community, thank you for the quick reply and informative link.

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