Osram Lightify BR30 bulbs - okay?

I would prefer using the Sengled ones but they seem to not be as readily available as they once were. Are the Osram's okay? Worried about crappy zigbee signal repeating. I will be swapping out 8 dumb recessed lights in my den for these.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?



Got rid of all my Osrams, problems stopped.

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Obviously don't know your situation, but with that many why not just replace the switch/dimmer (s)?


Amazon is having a sale on the Sengled BR30. 6 pack for only $50 (30% off coupon). That's only $8.33 a bulb.

I would steer clear of the Osram unless you have a separate Zigbee network to put them on.

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Thats very cool thanks! I was kinda hoping for the colored ones though.

So I completely agree with you - I prefer either replacement switches or relays. I have both installed. For this particular setup would like to have colored bulbs if possible. It's not crucial though.

Oh...yeah. Don't think you're going to find them.

I have the ones below, but I have them on a hue hub as I believe they repeat, so probably not helpful, they work fine and color is ok.
I was able to find a color sengled through amazon 3rd party sellers. Used but i got lucky and it was fine.


@erktrek I have 6 of the Sylvania BR 30 RGBWs. They work fine, but the RT5/6 RGBWs are now $18 for a 2-pack on Amazon and are a much better performing light. I have 12 of them and haven’t had any issues with them for two years now. I update them on my SmartThings hub (but a Lightify hub should work as well) before joining them to HE. Just avoid the ones that come with the Lightify hub as those are the old Osram ones.

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So I found some on Best Buy (US) - was only allowed to order 4 at a time. We'll see how this works out. This may be the road to madness but figured why not go for it.

Will let everyone know how it turns out!

Not cheap (I've bought 14 of them):


I know - just bought 8 of the BR-30s at Best Buy.


Their A19's are a little cheaper than Amazon.


Those A19's in the second link are Wi-Fi... not Zigbee.

Arghh!!!! My apologies searched too fast!


I see lots of people talk about issues with ZigBee repeating on Osrams.. I personally don't have any issues with them... I do have plenty of non bulb repeaters around the house, so this may be why..

Watch Amazon and you can find a better deal at times. One of my last purchases was a 4-pack for $74.

Not to hijack the thread, but what are the issues with the Lightify bulbs? I'm migrating from Wink and have about 4 of the RGBW bulbs and a bunch of the RGBW and never experienced any issues with Wink. I've only migrated 2 bulbs and 2 strips so far to Hubitat.

From docs.hubitat.com:
Avoid adding Zigbee lightbulbs to your hub in combination with other Zigbee devices, since the lightbulbs will try to act as routers, but unfortunately they only perform this role properly with other lightbulbs. The exception we have found are Sengled Zigbee lightbulbs, which do not try to take on the role of repeating other Zigbee devices. Zigbee light bulbs do not have issues routing among themselves, therefore a good alternative is a separate Zigbee network via a compatible bridge such as the Philips Hub Bridge, or a second Hubitat Elevation hub with only Zigbee lightbulbs paired to it. This will avoid this issue of bulbs attempting, and subsequently failing to repeat signals for other devices, by establishing two separate and stable Zigbee networks. NOTE : Devices on a separate Zigbee network cannot repeat signals for devices on the main Zigbee network.


Hi Tim -

First off, welcome to Hubitat. To ensure an excellent experience with Hubitat, I strongly recommend you read the Hubitat documentation/guides on how to build strong z-wave and zigbee meshes. I am concerned that the first four devices you've added are unlikely to be good zigbee repeaters possibly leading to a myriad of migration issues down the road.




Thanks for the docs. I'll have to review. I also purchased and installed the Ikea ZigBee repeaters and set them up first. On the ZigBee side, I currently have a mixture of Sengled, EcoSmart (the Home Depot deal bulbs!), Lightify CT, RGBW bulbs and RGBW strips. Other than the GE Link bulbs that I'm jettisoning, everything is working fine, but agree I want to have the system as robust as possible once I add the balance of the Lightify RGBW strips. With Wink, my system was very stable (except when Wink was down!) … I hope to replicate the stability I had while increasing speed. With my partial installation (about 70%) I'm seeing significant speed improvements with local control. I'll definitely check out the links. Thanks! :slight_smile: