Orvibo devices?

i am contemplating buying some Orvibo devices but the only mention of them on the forum seems to be about a motion sensor. has anyone managed to get devices from this company to work? I am mostly interested in the light switches.


I had 2 zigbee outlets that worked but created a ghost device on my network and caused issues with other devices .
Also was not certified.

but otherwise they worked and were controllable?

Also interested in how the outlets performed because I was looking at them, would be a great way to expand the mesh without having plugs sticking out everywhere.

I have two of the S25 plugs. Don't bother with them. The only way to integrate them into anything was to run a node server to interrupt traffic and do some DNS forwarding. Not worth it. This was last year though so no idea if anything changed.

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I would avoid the light switch. I tested the motion sensors and the light switch for a friend on HE before getting the hub. The motion sensor is very reliable other than no battery status. It uses 2 AAA batteries.
The switch is an odd one. Once in a while. It turns the light off for no reason. Did the same on Smartthings as well.

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so the switches are garbage... darn... anyone try the door/window sensor? thinking of using one of them in my mailbox?

I pulled them out I would not recommend them

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well I bought the window/door sensor and was able to get it to connect to hubitat without issue. if anyone else wants to try i am using the ERIA Contact Sensor driver and it seems to be reporting properly.

Did you end up trying the light switches (switch or dimmer)?

I bought one of the switches but haven't installed it yet

Does it report battery by any chance? I have it working with the Eria driver but it doesn't report battery. Wondering if there is a device handler which covers it....

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