Orphaned Scheduled Job After Changing Drivers - How to Remove?

I have a CT-100 thermostat that has been running with a custom driver. I recently changed the device to use the built-in Radio Thermostat CT101 driver. The problem is that the previous driver had a pollDevice method, and at some point was setup to call it every 3 hours. So even after changing the driver, the schedule to call pollDevice every 3 hours remains, which results in the following error message.

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: rtcCT101.pollDevice() is applicable for argument types: () values: []

Does anyone know of an easy way to get rid of the orphaned scheduled job? I tried rebooting the hub, but the job remains. I'd rather not have to remove and re-add the device, since having to re-add it to all the apps is a PITA.

I'm weird, but I would just write a quick driver that implements the unschedule() function either in configure or refresh... Would take about 2 minutes.

May be an easier way to do it, but that is my first thought.

I'm out of the house for the next hour or so, but if you need to shell driver to do that later let me know.

Edit the existing driver, add a method updated(), stick unschedule() in that, load the old driver hit save, updated should run and unschedule the job

Thank you both, that's exactly what I needed.