Organizing your equipment? Pictures encouraged!

As a follow up to my post about how many different systems everyone is using, I am curious on how you have organized all of these different pieces neatly so that nothing interferes with one another, wires are organized, and it's not an eyesore. Shelves? Cabinet with doors? What equipment needs its distance from other equipment?

This has recently come up in my home and I need help improving the WAF. Since I posted the other thread, I have added a Caseta Hub & Home Assistant running on a Pi 4. Most of it is located in our office that is mostly centered in the home but the Significant Other doesn't appreciate all of the equipment so visible. I also have a 2 1/2 year old roaming the house.

Pictures are encouraged.

If you would like to go the opposite direction and attach pictures of the embarrassing chaos that is your setup, that would be fun too and might help me. I could show her those pictures and say "See honey, it could be a lot worse!"

Thank you.

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I designed some things for my equipment to help organize things.

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I installed a wall mount rack in our laundry room with all of the network equipment

  • Unifi POE switch
  • cable management
  • Gig switch
  • Land line phone distribution punch down
  • 2u plate for future use
  • PDU
  • UPS
  • Drawer with locking front
    • Cable modem
    • Router (with WiFi disabled)
    • VOIP box
    • Alexa phone device
  • BI server
  • RPi on the bottom of the rack

    My Hubitat hub is mounted above the rack a few feet away on the wall so it isn't inside the metal cage. All the rest of the equipment is scattered throughout the house. SmartThings hub on the other side of the house only controlling a couple of robot vacuums, Unifi APs in different parts of the house, Alexa, Google, and Sonos devices in many rooms, Harmony hub in the family room, ...
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So z-wave and zigbee don't work well in a faraday cage ? .. :crazy_face:

Nice clean rack BTW

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