How many "systems" in your Home Automation Home

After giving my father the tour of my home automation empire, my dad was amazed at all of the different "systems" that are coordinated to control everything. I had never really thought about it until he mentioned it but I am curious how others' setup compare to mine:

  1. Hubitat (Obviously)
  2. SmartThings Hub connected to HE with HubConnect
  3. Bond IO Hub to control ceiling fans
  4. Tasmotized Sonoff RF Bridge to listen for RF Water Leak Sensors and Motion Sensors and generate MQTT messages
  5. Raspberry Pi with Node Red to listen for MQTT messages and send HTTP Requests to HE; create automatic backups of database nightly; ping some of the hubs to confirm they are still online;
  6. Android Phone with Tasker to listen for notifications from Eufy Camera and Wyze Cameras then send HTTP Requests to HE
  7. Logitech Harmony Remote
  8. Alexa
  9. Google Home/Assistant
  10. Homekit (I probably can't count this because although I activated it on our Apple TV, I have no intention of using it for anything. I just did it because I could).

And, now in the past few days, I have read about setting up Zigbee2MQTT to handle the cheap Ecosmart remotes that came the the bulbs at Home Depot and someone creating Wyze Sense Integration; both of which would require what I would call more "systems". I am curious what others are doing. I am sure that a lot of people there are using Home Assistant or OpenHAB. I cannot give a concrete definition on what I would call a "system" so please feel free to use your own definition. I think mine would all be considered hardware.

Yeah does make you think doesnt it.

  1. two HE hubs using Hub Connect, one for apps, one for hardware
  2. ST Hub for webCoRE presence of 4
  3. Hue bridge for a lot of bulbs and LEDs
  4. Xiaomi hub linked to HE via Mi Connector for light switches, contacts and some motion
  5. PI running webCoRE for HE
  6. Alexa in all rooms
  7. Google home in the office
  8. Nest for heating only connected to Alexa
  9. Harmony hub for the Lounge (have another but not in use)
    10 Wyze (4 of) via IFTTT to HE
    11 Ring (2 of)

Think I need to streamline come the New Year :+1:

  1. Hubitat
  2. Smartthings
  3. Lutron Caseta
  4. Phillips Hue
  5. Logictech Harmony
  6. Amazon Echo/Show
  7. Google Home
  8. Sinope Neviweb thermostats
  9. Rasp Pi node red/ VPN
  10. Wyze kit
  11. Blue Iris cam/motion detection
  12. Ring doorbell
    Too many hubs for sure.
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Oh dear...

Hubitat x7 - C3/C4 (all connected via HC)
Echo x8 - (2x show, 1 original, 2x spot, 3 dots)
GH mini x6
Sonos x2 (Play1?)
2x ‘Jam’ wifi speakers (via mediarender)
Hue Bridge
Smartthings via HC (for presence & Neato)
2x Neato robo vacuums connected via ST & IFTTT
Netatmo thermostat via Alexa & IFTTT
Ring doorbell & 6 cameras
Weather station
RPi running weewx for weather station

Server based HP ‘Sitescope’ monitoring everything

Multiple ‘AWS’ servers for sending email from the hubs, Hubitat related website and update scripts
Multiple windows command scripts monitoring and backing up, running on a physical windows server

I’ve probably forgotten a few :slight_smile:

But I agree Roy & @Navat604 probably too many :slight_smile:


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I suspect you win.

I’m sure there are others with a lot more.
I only have a small house by US standards :slight_smile:

I just worked it out.. it’s about 2100 sq ft

Are we listing the items that run our home automation... or all of our development gear and toys?

Apart from two dev hubs.. everything is ‘production’ and running my home in one way or another
If you run any of my apps or drivers, it connects to one of my aws servers to check for updates.
Another aws server is for my soon to be released email solution to send email directly from your hub.

‘Sitescope’ monitors my hubs and alerts if the responses are not quick enough.

One of my windows servers here runs scripted backups of my hubs every night

I'm asking to see if I can play :slight_smile:

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I'm such a lightweight! I can see I need to get cracking on this. (Need)

Various Alexa devices
Logitech Harmony
Phillips Hue

My SmartThings Hub and RPi are in a drawer right now.

Seven :flushed:
I think that might be the record. Any challengers?
Geez buddy, are you using them as coasters?


Hubitat x 2 in main house - around 300 devices total
ST in Garage - around 20 devices
Lutron Caseta - Bunch of switches and Pico's
Phillips Hue Bridge - 6 bulbs
Flic Hub - multiple buttons
Google everything - Hub Max x 1, Hub x 3, Home x 1, mini x 6, Hello (doorbell), Thermostat x 2, Protects x 4 and 2 outdoor cams
GlobalCache IP2IR - IR control, stereo, tv, cable box and electric fireplace
BlueIris - 6 Foscam cams
Raspberry Pi - running weather software, Google Home Assistant Relay
Acurite Weather Station
Android Tablets running HE Dashboards
Android Phones running Tasker, sending data over Maker API

Oh and for Halloween and Christmas lights:
16-ch Lights-O-Rama controllers x 2
Lights-O-Rama Show Director with FM transmitter

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. :wink:


Philips Hue (2x Bulbs being phased out)
Nest - 2x Camera, Doorbell, 2x Thermostat and 4x Smoke Detectors
Google Assistant (2x Display, 2x Mini and 1x Home)

With only 1 x HE, 1 x Hue hub and 1 x Flic hub, You’ve got me feeling hopefully inadequate on Christmas Day.
Shame on you all.


I don't run my HE in "production" so I don't feel like I get to share in the fun so it's ok, you're still ahead of me :slight_smile:

Two are dev hubs only five in my ‘production’ environment :slight_smile:

HubConnect server
‘Media’ (speakers and tts apps)


2 - HE Hubs with 240 devices
1 - Wall mounted iPad running Homekit
1 - Apple TV
1 - Roku
1 - Harmony hub & remote
15 - IP Cameras connected to Blue Iris running on a dedicated i7 Windows computer
1 - Neato Robot Vacuum
3 - RPi's running 4 instances of homebridge, VPN server, Pi-hole, Node Red, InfluxDB and Grafana
1 - RPi running Home Assistant
1 - Google Home
1 - Echo Show
1 - Echo
3 - Echo Dots
3 - Additional iOS devices used for HomeKit and Siri
1 - Blue Line EnergyCloud (Whole house energy monitoring)
1 - Rachio 8 station sprinkler timer.
1 - Android Tablet

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I am feeling so inferior right now. I hope there are some good post-holiday sales on Home Automation gear . . .


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Jesus, I don't have that many even if I include all my dev and alternate zwave frequency units...


Core HA (562 devices)

  • 1 Hubitat with HC Server
  • 2 Hubitat “radio” hubs
  • 1 Hubitat LAN integration hub
  • 1 Hubitat RV (HC’d to server)
  • 2 Hubitat dev hubs
  • 1 SmartThings
  • Hue Hub
  • 2 Homebridge (HC) Instances

Core LAN

  • UniFi USG-Pro 4 Router/Firewall
  • UniFi Switch-24 Poe
  • UniFi Switch-24
  • UnFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus
  • 3 UniFi UAP AC Pro APs
  • 1 UniFi AC-Mesh Outdoor AP
  • Seriallink Industrial 4G Cellular Backup Gateway

Core Video:

  • 6 UniFi G3 Bullet PoE Cameras
  • 8 G3 Flex PoE Cameras
  • 2 Arlo Pro 2 Cameras
  • 2 Arlo-Q Cameras
  • 1 Arlo Go

Core Data:

  • Win Server 2K8 R2
  • Mac Mini Server
  • 5 rPi’s Monitoring UPSs

Other HA Integrated Systems

  • 1 Echo Show
  • 2 Echo Gen 2
  • 1 Echo Gen 1
  • 2 Ecobee 4 T-stats w/ 10 sensors
  • Harmony Hub
  • 4 Arlo Bases
  • 1 Wall-mounted Lenovo Tab
  • 1 Wall-mounted Samsung Tab
  • 1 rPi Print Server connected to Fuji Frontier Drylab
  • 3 TP-Link HS300 plugstrips

I’m probably missing some things but I’m quite groggy from Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas all!!