Orbit 12 station timer


My Hubitat found my orbit 12 station water timer and it appears in my devices. The only orbit device type I found was the water faucet timer. Where can I find the dashboard for a multi sprinkler timer?


I have one of these too, and as far as I know, it is not supported. What it would take to get it supported is a mystery to me, since I know nothing about writing drivers (or if there is something about it that makes that impossible). If anyone knows better than me, please shout out, because I'd love to control mine via Hubitat.


I have one too sure would be nice if Hubitat would support it


Also have one. Looking for a solution since iris shut down. Also looking at Vera.


Support: I have found nothing for a DTH for these, here or on ST.

I have three of these as a carryover from my old Iris setup and as the HE team had brought over many other Iris devices, I was wondering if the Irrigation timers were slated to be worked on in the near future or is this something that will be left for the community to develop? I am VERY much appreciative for everything that has been brought over so far, I just need to decide if this is something I should wait for or if I should purchase compatible replacements or make a home-made solution.

Thanks for any feedback!

p.s. same question for the V1 keypads.



I just paired one of them and tried a couple of different drivers, but they don't do anything. I am surprised that between all the Smart Home communities nobody has figured this out... I do not know groovy but I am thinking there must be something difficult about getting these to work outside of Iris.

I would be happy if they would show up as separate switches like the zooz power strip as RM could do the rest.

If anybody has taken a look at the code, any comment would be helpful, as I don't wan't to wait for months hoping for something to appear if these things are better off putting in the garbage?


I would not mind taking a look at it, I was the one that wrote the hose end timer driver. However I do not have access to one. If anyone has one that would be willing to loan to me, especially if you are in the Chicago area or would be willing to ship it to me to try and figure out.


Thats great Chuck! If nobody local has one, I will grab the one I have in my warehouse this weekend and ship it ip to you on Monday!


I'd send you mine, but it's still watering my landscaping-- on manual! Would love to go back to changing it on the fly from wherever I am...


Chuck, you probably have already seen the code, but just in case:

Setting this up as a 12 station relay could be useful and all schedules could be done in RM?? maybe...


Actually have one of these also. While I don't really need to integrate it into HE, I do need something other than Alexa to integrate with. Been looking around on IFTTT for something. Basically what I'm trying to do is that if the security camera detects movement it can activate a specific sprinkler. While there are motion sprinklers, one that I could activate or deactivate would be better.
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