Opinion: harmony vs broadlink ir blaster

I am trying to decide which system to get. A remote control is not important to me . What is important is strength of integration with Hubitat (i.e. I can easily control individual devices and buttons through hubitat locally), reliability of integration (it works and it will hopefully continue to work for years), the ability to add unique ir codes, and security.

It does concern me that the newer broadlinks are designed to be cloud only.

What are your thoughts on the two systems?

Sorry if this is obvious to some. I combed through the forms and couldn’t find a great answer , particularly about the strength of integration (I.e. can I control individual buttons in hubitat).

P.S. I also have SmartThings if there is an integration through there that you may think works better .

I believe these are the latest drivers:

The Broadlink works really well for me but the code has disappeared and the creator hasn’t posted in a while. So the future of the Broadlink integration is less certain. At least until we hear from @cybrmage again.


Broadlink also works well with IFTTT, I couldn't get an RF device to capture in the native app provided here, so I use IFTTT to trigger from a virtual Hubitat device And works well.

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I just purchased another Broadlink because of how well it has worked for me so far with @cybrmage's code. Wonder why it all disappeared?

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There was an explanation about him leaving the Hubitat environment in one of his other integration threads a few days ago...

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Which thread?

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If I remembered, I would have posted the link. :wink: It was by a third party, who apparently was in communication with him.

Maybe it was a coincidence, but the HVAC IR thread was tagged as [WITHDRAWN] shortly afterward.....

I checked through a couple and could not find anything specific... except for people hoping it was just a temporary break. Mine are working for now but that does not help people that did not already get the code. Since in the Broadlink topic it was clear that providing the code as-is would likely be unacceptable even without a license on it and it does not appear that we can even ask at this moment.

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Not a coincidence, I edited the thread title, but I'm as much in the dark as everyone else re: why.

Me neither (and I checked through more than a couple :slight_smile:). Mainly I'm just curious. @cybrmage always seemed to have some unusual/notable differences in the way he or she distributed their code (e.g. never posted on github, but with a somewhat cryptic explanation when asked why in the past; no license info in the code itself).

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I suspect people are confusing @codahq with @cybrmage.

As to integration, I've not used the harmony hub at all so I can't offer anything beyond my opinion of the Broadlink RM pro. I've had it for years so I can attest to its longevity, and for me the hubitat integration via @cybrmages driver is fine for IR blasting. Good response time and reliable transmission.

What makes you suspect that? @codahq publicly explained why he decided to stop developing for hubitat, and confirmed that his code may continue to be used as long as the licensing terms are followed and he is properly attributed if it is re-posted anywhere else.


As far as we can all tell, @cybrmage removed the code from google drive and made no announcement re: why, or whether anyone may continue to use it or share it.

@cybrmage has a history of having done that. They had developed a number of integrations for Vera; the one I'm most aware of was the Wink integration. First, they disappeared off the Vera community for a few months (believed to be for health reasons), and then pulled all their code within a short time of reappearing with no explanation ever proffered.

This past experience is the sole reason why I will not use any integration that depends on their code. Early warning signs in this community that this could happen was an unusual interaction with @doug.

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Yeah, I remember that. That's what I was referring to when I mentioned:

Although I forgot it was you who had asked that question :upside_down_face:.

An excerpt from the post I was referencing:


No worries about that. But what prompted that question was this - what happens if the Vera situation repeats and @cybrmage requires @doug to "unmerge" their changes?

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That was primarily aimed at @vreihen's initial post, the post you've quoted is the only explanation I've seen on here for a developer pulling back from the platform recently.

I've looked for details as to @cybrmage's ghosting, mostly as I'm one of the ones who posted about being concerned. Can't say as I found anything.


Maybe I'm going nuts, but I vividly remember reading it in another thread in the past few days. Did cybrmage have any other integrations shared here where I might have seen that post???

I use Harmony and it integrates great except the home control buttons have to be used via Smartthings. Working well to set up HubConnect and mirror Hubitat devices to smartthings, then set up home control devices with the mirrored devices via SmartThings.

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I too just purchased one dedicated for my AC. I have the drivers for the regular remote use, but not the HVAC ones. This is very unfortunate.

There are 2 remotec drivers built-in for IR AC control zxt600 and zxt120.. I have a zxt310 which is a AV IR device I’ve been meaning to write a driver for.. But I really wish one of the many oems in the US would pick up a white label z-wave plus IR device from Hank as the zxt310 is not z-wave plus..


I just got a Broadlink and have had a Harmony for years. The Harmony is much easier to program but the big plus for me is the companion remote.


I wish Broadlink had an option like this so I didn't have to rely on my phone. I like being able to use a real remote instead of anybody who might be using the TV needing the app on their phone. The Broadlink price is better so buying a cheap Android phone with no data to act as remote might be an option even though I prefer pushing physical buttons.

Performance-wise, they both work well. I haven't gotten the Broadlink into HE yet because the code was pulled. I'm examining the raspberry Pi option right now.