Works now. Thanks

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  • Improved Alert handling for dashboard tiles, various bug fixes

PLEASE NOTE: after any update of the driver code, even if you use Hubitat Package Manager, you should open the virtual device, click 'Save Device', then click 'Save Preferences'.

I recently installed this app with the intent of moving away from Dark Sky app.

You've done a great job with this app, it looks and feels almost identical to it's Dark Sky predecessor.

I understand each provider may vary a bit from the other's information, but in my case it's more than I was expecting, and now I don't know which one is real, since both vary in some way from what I see out my window. Is anyone else seeing these variations?

Dark Sky

Open Weather

This also occurs with the 3 day forecast.

Yep. Different sources, different results. I actually setup a dashboard and have both the DS and OWM side-by-side. I would say the majority of the time, for me, they are reasonably close to one another. But, every once in a while, they are not reasonably close to one another. Temp and pressure seem to track closer than wind and precipitation. 'Condition' is close most of the time ('Few Clouds' vs 'Partly Cloudy'), but again, periodically it is significantly different ('Clear' vs 'Overcast'). I believe it largely depends on the accuracy of the weather stations in your area that DS/OWM are relying on to provide accurate data and how often they update those.

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I have looked for the docs for what goes into the field - Station Data File Location but can't locate it. What should I place here?

First of all, this thread is for the no PWS required version of the driver. It does not require Weather-Display and does not ask for the Station Data File Location. I am guessing you loaded the wrong driver version that requires a PWS and Weather-Display software.

The 'Station Data File Location' needs to the location of the 'clientraw.txt' data file that Weather-Display creates. It should be a URL like 'http://your_weather_website/' where the 'clientraw.txt file resides.

That driver requires the Weather-Display data files as its primary source, It can pull in from OpenWeatherMap forecast data to supplement that, but it will not work without access to the Weather-Display data files.

Read this post on how to expose the Weather-Display data files in JSON format... Weather-Display Driver

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Just installed using HPM but no driver appeared as far as I can see :cry:

Oh, stupid me. Found it in the driver page not the devices page. Duh.

@simple @Matthew does it support the rainToday attribute ?

Wiki is here.

Yes. It is an optional attribute. Make sure you turn it on then 'Save Preferences."


I have it enabled but it always shows as 0


It works for me?


Are you certain you have the optional attribute turned on?

You should also check the number of decimals you have selected for precipitation. Maybe it is rounding to zero. Try increasing the number of decimals shown.

If so, turn on Extended Logging an look in the logs to see if OWM is returning a value in the poll.

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Same problem here. It's on and I set "Display decimals for Precipitation" to 2 -- Still showing 0

2020-06-06 05:28:16.519 pm Weather Driver - INFO: Summary_precip: There has been no precipitation today.

minutely:[[dt:1591485720, precipitation:1.332], [dt:1591485780, precipitation:1.054], [dt:1591485840, precipitation:0.989], [dt:1591485900, precipitation:0.925], [dt:1591485960, precipitation:0.867], [dt:1591486020, precipitation:0.687], [dt:1591486080, precipitation:0.687], [dt:1591486140, precipitation:0.626], [dt:1591486200, precipitation:0.526], [dt:1591486260, precipitation:0.526], [dt:1591486320, precipitation:0.428], [dt:1591486380, precipitation:0.411], [dt:1591486440, precipitation:0.324], [dt:1591486500, precipitation:0.278], [dt:1591486560, precipitation:0.206], [dt:1591486620, precipitation:0],

  • condition_code : rain
  • condition_text : Moderate rain
  • rainDayAfterTomorrow : 0
  • rainToday : 0
  • rainTomorrow : 0

My driver does not pull 'minutely' data' Not sure where that came from? The rain used comes from the ' daily' series.

2020-06-06 05:32:53.645 pm [info]( Weather Driver - INFO: OpenWeatherMap Data: [current:[sunrise:1591443147, temp:66.11, visibility:16093, uvi:11.68, pressure:1007, clouds:75, feels_like:54.41, wind_gust:25.28, dt:1591486380, wind_deg:150, dew_point:44.19, sunset:1591496803, weather:[[icon:09d, description:shower rain, main:Rain, id:521], [icon:11d, description:thunderstorm, main:Thunderstorm, id:211]], humidity:45, wind_speed:18.34], timezone:America/Denver, timezone_offset:-21600, daily:[[rain:1.6, sunrise:1591443147, temp:[min:62.67, max:75.56, eve:75.56, night:62.67, day:66.11, morn:66.11], uvi:11.68, pressure:1007, clouds:75, feels_like:[eve:64.04, night:55.71, day:54.97, morn:54.97], dt:1591466400, wind_deg:197, dew_point:44.19, sunset:1591496803,

Is this not your driver?

State Variables

  • Copyright : Ⓒ 2020 Matthew (scottma61)
  • Status : Current Version: 0.1.0
  • OWM :
  • InternalName : OpenWeatherMap-NWS Alerts Weather Driver
  • UpdateInfo : 05/07/2020

That is it. It does not pull 'minutely' data. It specifically excludes 'minutely' data from the data poll.

Hmmm..... I don't know... I have no idea why it's pulling that. Should I copy the driver info here or send it to you via PM to see what I shows?

?? I recommend recopying the code from GitHub. My OWM poll specifically excludes 'minutely' and 'hourly' data. Either you have corrupted code .... or OWM is returning bad data? To rule out corrupted code, refresh it from GitHub.

Ok- Will do. I'll let you know what happens.

I went to and copied and pasted, and had the same results.

I looked at the code on GitHub and it is missing the 'Exclude' for minutely and hourly? I have no idea how I might have done that? The code I have locally has it?

Give me a minute and I will push out an updated version.

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