Old Hubitat C4 use

Hi all;
I know this will be a stupid question but it just will be that until some of you respond :wink:

I got a new C7 because my old C4 hub was failling ( I think it was the wifi adapter).
I believe I heard somewhere Hubitat Hub is base on a Raspberry PI? Is that correct? :thinking:
Can I use my old C4 hardware for other project different to Hubitat?
I mean.. this hardware have a lot of usefull ports that maybe with another OS can be useful?

Sorry .... no idea about this things here....I just want to give some good use to the old C4.

That can't be--no hub model has Wi-Fi built-in, and only the C-5 and later support external Wi-Fi dongles.

No, the C-4 (and C-3) appear to be based on a specific type of Android media box, but the C-5 and C-7, while having similar specs, are custom hardware as far as I'm aware. I guess they're both ARM processors, so there's that? In any case, it doesn't really matter, since you can only use it with Hubitat's firmware/OS. The ports on the C-4 were removed on the C-5 because they weren't usable, except USB, which is still sort of there except you need an "OTG" cable to use it with any of the three hardware pieces the C-5 and later firmware supports: Z-Wave/Zigbee dongles (C-5 only; also the only thing the C-4 supports), cellular adapters, or Wi-Fi dongles.

If you want to keep the C-4 around, I'd suggest that it's a good place to test app configuration, rule creation, etc. with virtual devices before moving it to your "real" hub if you want a place you can test things without wrecking your home. :smiley: It might also be a good place to try a new Zigbee or Z-Wave device before you permanently install it, or you could use it as a testing ground for custom code before adding it to your actual hub if you're not sure how it will behave. A related note: the built-in Hub Mesh feature lets you easily share devices between hubs for use in apps, etc.


Great explanations and suggestions bertabcd1234... THANKS A LOT!!!

You could also use the C4 for cloud / network devices and apps like I do with my C5. That way you keep the stuff isolated from your main hub. I have Alexa, Lutron and Flume integration running on mine. Have both the Z-Wave and Zigbee services turned off.


this use makes more sense after you also read this thread