Hubitat keeps going offline every morning

Gotcha, was over thinking it

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Certainly could be something else, but I agree that one of these Maker API instances is a good place to start troubleshooting. Node-red or home assistant could be hammering this hub with events for some reason.

Try disabling one of them from the apps menu.

Thereโ€™s a small, greyed out x at the top of your screenshot. Click that, and it will expose xโ€™s next to each app you have installed.

Clicking on one of those xโ€™es will disable the app on that row. And the x will turn red.

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Is there a way to check memory usage of the hub? like % usage?

If those are all of your apps, and you don't have any other user drivers you installed that do cloud or lan integration, then my guess would be the maker API as well.

I think the home assistant one is less likely to be the problem (not impossible though), but I know from personal experience you can destroy the hub if you do some dopey things in node-red. That's the one I would start with.


The hub's built in options for debugging like that aren't exactly extensive. Take a look in the logs menu, and you'll notice there are a couple tabs for device stats and app stats.

Those lists can give you some indication of what's occupying your hub's processing time, but that's certainly an incomplete picture of resource usage.

@thebearmay's app, hub information driver, can give you more detailed info about the hub, including free memory I believe.


If you want to continually monitor I'd use the driver mentioned above (I may be a little biased), but if you only need an occasional quick check:


will give you the value. Right after boot the free memory is usually in the mid 500K range, but will usually drop into the 400K range within 30-40 minutes as the hub gets all of the services and apps running and then there is generally a slow bleed off after that. Depending on your app/driver mix most hubs will run in the 400-300K range for many days/weeks. I have my alerts set at 250K, but usually reboot around 290-280K.


If you didn't do so already, please send us an email to We can help you make sure you are not dealing with a hardware malfunction.


Just sent one. Thanks!

Can you PM us (@bobbyD and me) your hub's id?

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This still happening, support said that they dont know why it is crashing, they recommend i use an unsupported rebooted app, which i did. I set it to reboot everyday and still having issues. I been monitoring memory and i dont see it the low memory error anymore, nor i see it going low. So no idea whats going on... At this point im going to start disabling automation in nodered.

2 Things.... Can you post a copy of your z-wave details page.

Secondly when you did the soft reset and restore, was the back up you restored from one you immediately downloaded to your pc or one that was stored on the hub itself? I recommend clicking the download button on the backup page and getting the latest clean backup downloaded to your pc and then restoring from that file after the soft reset.

What other apps do you have installed besides maker api?

Do you have any zooz products in your mesh?

Thanks for your reply, No other apps, MakerAPI nodered and MakerAPI homeassistant, and yes i have a bunch of Zooz products in my mesh, here is a pic of the zwave conf page

0x12 is basically a ghost or a bad switch with no route. If legit switch I would reset and re pair. As far as zooz products go I was thinking of outlet or 4-in-1 sensor...

I would fix that switch and see where you're at after... If you're doing any power reporting maybe turn that down a bit too..

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Can you post the apps and devices log pages? Like @JasonJoel, I also suspect something in one of your node-red sequences.


that would be? Past logs and App stats? what are the tabs names?

Let me try that, thanks

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For giggles you might want to temporarily exclude the "Gym Fridge Door" as well and see if that helps any. Also I agree with @aaiyar & @JasonJoel - it's super easy to inadvertently spam the HE hub with requests. Also make sure you are not doing this on the HA side as well. Logs are your best bet to see whats up.

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I had this issue and it ended up being a sketchy network cable...


Same here. Was seeing my hue bridge drop frequently and it was an intermittent cable issue.

Which logs would be the best to check requests from maker api