Odd Zigbee behavior

This morning I started getting notifications from my Node-RED flow that stores log entries and sends a notification if the level is anything other than "info" or "warn".

These are the same logs that are in HE but I can select multiple devices and see the logs related to those devices. The repeaters are all IKEA zigbee extenders. Once I started getting the "trace" notifications, I went in and checked the devices to see what was going on.

Two of the repeaters appeared to be OK but the "Kitchen Zigbee Repeater" had a "device" driver - I am pretty sure that it had selected the correct driver when it was paired so I am not sure what caused it to change. I changed it back to the correct driver and it appears to be working. Also, I have no idea what device is related to the failed firmware update - I did not manually do any update, so has something changed and the HE is automatically trying to update firmware?

Could this be related to my issue below in any way?

EDIT: Hub is C-5, FW -

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