Odd behavior with Z-Wave lock

I spent a week setting everything up. Yesterday it all worked flawlessly. Today I'm not seeing any notifications on status changes. Some Zigbee contact sensors are reporting. Others are not. My Z-Wave door lock isn't reporting status either. I can successfully send a lock or unlock command to it and it does lock or unlock but the status shows locked no matter what I do. I've attached a screenshot to hopefully help explain this. I've added comments in red text. Please help. I'm pulling my hair out wondering what went wrong.

Several things could be at play. What model of hub and what version software? C7 on .145? What make and model of lock? Is it zwave or zwave plus? Have a repeater of some sort near it? Any wired device will act as a repeater. Any devices with nothing in the in out clusters in settings, zwave details? Any devices with A5 in routes? If you manually lock air unlock quickly and completely does the status change?

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm still learning about all this stuff so sorry for not providing useful info in advance. I do have repeaters, 3 of them placed strategically to ensure the Z-wave signal reaches everywhere it needs to. Regardless, I seem to have resolved the issue, at least for the moment. I found the hint I needed here: Quick Z-Wave fix

It turns out that turning off the Z-wave radio, waiting a while, and turning it on again seems to have reset everything to working again. I don't know why it stopped working in the first place. Maybe something got clogged up in there? I'm still having a little trouble with some Zigbee contact sensors but I'll work on those tomorrow. I think the radio reset might help there also.

Failed pairs can cause that which is why I asked about your device list.

I don't think I had any failed pairs. And as I think I mentioned, it all worked yesterday and I haven't added any devices since then. Still not sure why it happened but it seems to be fixed now. Hopefully it stays that way. If it doesn't I'll check back in. Thanks again for the quick reply.

Easy to check under settings then zwave details in case it comes back just look for something with in out clusters blank besides the first one which is the hub. Drivers have also caused what you described just for future reference.