Nyckelharpa triggering alarm hours after being set

I'm using Nyckelharpa primarily to remotely set the HSM mode to Away when a contact is open. It has worked great except for a couple times when it triggered an alarm in the middle of the night when I'm home and HSM is set to Night. The triggering contact is a window that I occasionally leave open at night. Any ideas why this window would trigger an alarm hours after the system is set or settings that I might have gotten wrong? I don't want HSM to exclude this window.

Not familiar with this... tried googling, found this...

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Sorry you are experiencing unexpected alarms. Having experienced this issue I understand how annoying it can be. My feeling: it is a sensor issue. In my case it was a Samsung motion sensor that acted up creating motion events when the battery was low., a new battery fixed it.

Nyckelharpa relies on HSM sensor monitoring and alarm triggers. If an alarm triggers at an inappropriate orr unexpected moment, it's likely a misfiring sensor, or unlikely but maybe a rule triggering a monitored "NCKL-" virtual sensor.

Since you know the window sensor triggered the alarm, this likely means Nyckelharpa force armed the system with that sensor open, then the sensor closed, then it opened. Check the logs. Also verify the location of the contacts when the window is open for the night, along with the battery level.

BTW I totally enjoyed an marveled at the Nyckelharpa when I did Scandinavian Dancing. It's an amazing instrument, a keyed violin!

Thanks for your reply. My contact sensors are all hardwired (so no battery issues) and I had not seen a false alarm before using NCKL. I'll check the logs as you suggested. NCKL definitely force armed the system. The confusing part is what caused it to trigger an alarm. The window was open about 18" so there's no chance it was partially open/closed and set off the alarm that way.

Hardwired how? I had issues with my hardwired sensors to ESPs and ended replacing them all with zigbee, the cause was HF reflected on the wires when I was transmitting in certain modes like FM. I don't have any false alarms with Nyckelharpa, certainly check the logs.

I'm using the Konnected board with a previously hardwired home security system. It is very reliable. I believe my issue is Nyckelharpa is somehow triggering the alarm.

Then I strongly suggest removing Nyckelharpa, see what occurs, then report back on this thread. Should any issues be uncovered, I will do my best to fix it.

Once again, Nyckelharpa does not trigger alerts or instrusions. It simply monitors HSM alerts and pending alerts after the system is armed by HSM.

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