Nuki integration?

Hi all! anyone know if there is going to be any support for Nuki locks?
love and peace

Does Nuki have an API?

is this what you mean?

I didn't look before as I sort of half expected it would have been done LOL
I suppose that shows my limited viewpoint from the UK LOL
there are very few smartlocks available (or indeed useable) here

Nothing different from the Netherlands then. Here nothing is normal, well yeah, a lock with a key and your hands to turn it is normal. Everybody is looking weird at me when I tell them my door locks on its own when I leave the house. It's like I'm from the future, in their eyes. Anyway, I have a danalock, which isn't natively supported. Though that doesn't matter since you can work with almost any API from rule machine. No programming needed, just understanding how api's work and how you can post or get something from it.

thanks Fritz!
I was going to look at the Danalock but the reviews were horrible, then I saw the nuki
HA is definately NOT mainstream in the UK ha ha ha!
nobody I know here has even gotten their head round using google home to turn their lights on..
sometimes I amaze my friends, more often they tut and shake their heads
love and peace

My danalock is working fine. The only thing it doesn't support is opening the latch separate from the whole lock. But it does support to open the latch in addition to opening the locks so now I have set it to do that. But I'm not eager to opening my door fully automated yet. Opening I still do by key.

It's not all that different here in the US. I have friends (all of us in our 30's) who call my house the Star Trek house since they don't have to turn lights on or off.

ha ha ha!!
sometimes, people are too lazy to be lazy properly LOL
to be fair, your average Jo isn't going to go out, buy a system, and get it to work..
no one system has a clear path to achieving HA out of a single ecosystem.. well not at any kind of reasonable price point!
HA is like a minefield!
I still have draws full of good ideas.. X10 and through to Broadcom, Orvibo Tuya Sonoff Smartthings.. 433.92 land, you get the picture LOL

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Yeah, I still have piles of ideas, but not the time or the money to work it all out.

I did have one remark about my house once which made me laugh very hard. A couple I know came buy after renovation was done and I gave them the grant tour. And his girlfriend was really impressed about it all. Afterwards the guy said to me: "Frits, thanks man, now I have a ton of extra money to spend and no free time for the rest of my life." Cause the girlfriend wanted her house to be "smart" as well... Though eventually it never came to that because the guy is not smart enough to do it. :smile:

Yes Fritz mate! you really need to be good at lots of things (or rich enough to pay for people who are)
and there are always those unforeseen consequences, like forgetting to take your phone.. and locking the door...
then realising you can't get back in without your phone,
and your girl is somewhere you can't get to..
and, you can't phone her to let her know.. so you have to go and visit a friend until she comes home LOL
or setting motion sensors in the bedroom that turn the light on when you won't be in bed, and it's dark, but one night, you have a migraine so you get to bed directly after work.. great, until the cat keeps coming in to visit, and turning the light on and off in the process LOL
it's never as straight forward as it should be LOL

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Soon there will be a HE Nuki app & drivers. I’m developing it right now.

Stay tuned!!!!

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Hey guys!

There is a BETA version of the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 integration available for the brave and fearless to try ...


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