Nue Zigbee Switch (1 gang)

I have this switch and when I saw that it was a new driver, I tried to change it. I was using a community driver before.

I can't get it to work under the Nue driver. I tried to reset and re-add the Nue and it came up as a generic zigbee outlet. Well not an outlet? It works so no big complaints here but just wondering if something went wrong somewhere?

I think there are several different versions of this device, some of them vastly different in the way work zigbee wise. The drivers were written for the current production firmware.

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Actually, @mike.maxwell, I didnt realise that there was a specific driver called "Nue zigbee switch". I re-paired it this morning, and it auto assigned to generic zigbee switch, and the status wasnt working. However, after seeing this thread, I went and found the Nue driver, and it's all working.

Thank mate.

FYI, I have an old version. So it's working for the previous generation too. Only tested 1 gang so far. Muchos gracios.

who is the manufacturer?

They are Aussie lightswitches.....

Sorry I meant what is displayed in HE. Mine says FeiBit.


Mine is an old version. I bought them in Sep 2017.

Mine is newer but I don't remember when I bought it. Let me know how your others pair.

I just switched over the driver, without re-pairing, and it's working well. I know @mike.maxwell said we should re-pair them, but it seems to be working with a simple driver change.

I tried just the simple driver change at first and I lost functionality.

I tried re-pairing it and it got labeled a zigbee outlet. I tried to change the driver and it didn't work again. So I have it as a zigbee outlet.

The Feibit units are the old problematic firmwares.
The driver is written for the 3A Smart Home units.

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im sorry - but that website is god-awful looking..


Yeah, I nearly didnt link it because it's an embarassment to Aussies generally.



I've had one of my single gang switches fall off the zigbee network (a few days in a row). The last hope RSSI is -77.

Before your driver, I had to refresh these devices to keep them on the network, usually once an hour. I went to make a rule, but I cant select "refresh" for these devices? It's listed as an attribute in the device page, but not selectable under Rule Machine (for refresh). I used custom action, and got around it.

Missing upstairs light......

Do the native Nue drivers support 1, 2 and 3 gang? Are they working well (if so)?

Most of the time they work well. I just had a 3 gang fall off the network this week. But I am having zigbee issues at present, and it could be related to that.

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Yes, when joined it will create the correct number of child devices.

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Don't know how I missed this. I'm going to add another 20 switches asap!

Bit confused - are the Nue native drivers replacing the "HUI Zigbee Wall Switch" community drivers? Are Nue Zigbee switches called: HGZB-41-US (for example)?

These are Nue?

Yes. Pretty sure they're Nue.