Nue Zigbee scene switch (used as a 2 way light switch) & double power point drivers

Yeah when I did my research I never found certifications for the GPO only the switches so that doesn't surprise me. I have no need for it in the new house only the switches. I actually did buy one thinking I needed it for my heated towel rail but turned out it ran through the wall up to the switch so I just purchased a 2gang switch instead.

I must be honest, AU device certification enforcement seems a bit over the top. Yes, we have our own equilivant UL device certifications over here, but they don't spend their working hours beating on the small guys...

Did the adoption and deployment of mains electric not go well down there? or what...

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Nah, it's just jobs for the boys. We cant do anything down here without government approval.

Cant even lay network cable without a licence. Crazy stuff.

I'd end up in boob if I lived down there...

On the contrary, we've got gold plated Poles and Wires.
and we're freaking well paying for it !! LOL

Hi Mike, I saw I few weeks ago that you've done the driver for the Nue Scene Switches, thanks. I can't work out how to get it to work though?? Looking at the link that is in the email sent yesterday that links to 3A's web page, it looks like it will onlt work with a scene, is a scene in Hubitat a 'Mode'?? Or will it work an other way??

These are button controllers in Hubitat, so you can control just about anything with it.

I use double Nue switches where the second switch has no load connected, effectively using it as a scene switch. I use the external app "Switch Bindings" by Joel Wetzel to link the switch with a Hue bulb in a side lamp and a RGBgenie remote.
I have only had this running for less than a week, but so for so good. Before that I use the built-in app "Mirror" but I find the "Switch Binding" app much easier to use.


I do the same but I am using the HE native "mirror" app and it's rock solid too. Anyways works so well for 2-way setups :slight_smile:. It was funny trying to explain to my sparky during our house build why I don't need 2-way wiring :rofl:

I actually prefer to use 2-way wiring. I want the manual light switches to still work even if the hub is offline for some reason. That is why I use Fibaro switches for those light circuits.

I have to cater for member of my family that would be mightily confused and upset if it is not fail-safe.

Trouble is I bought the Scene Switch way back when. Kevin told me it was a 2 way switch. Anyway Maike has advised it works like a button so all good, so once I set it up won't know the difference.

Thanks Mike. Will they work with single, double & long press?? Or just as a single?

These devices only have pushed.

Thanks, got it working, had to delete & re-pair though.

Are the Nue switches still what everyone is using in Australia? Do the drivers for 1-2-3-4-gang /dimmers all work accordingly? looking to order a few to test but concerned about their quality.

I'd be concerned about quality too. I had a few fail, and Kevin is ignoring my emails.

I am using 14 of them in my house. The only ones I had issues with was the dimmer ones, all the other non-dimmers have been rock solid. I believe the dimmer switches are a collaboration between 3asmarthome and Zemismart where as the non-dimmers are just packaged Zemismart switches. That said there is quite a few other options in the switch space now such as Tuya switches (even Bunnings sell them) that can be flashed to Tasmota using Tuya Convert, Tasmota has great community drivers in HE thanks for @markus and his work is only going to get better.

I thought he was ignoring me once as well as it turned out I was using his wrong / old email address, are you using this one?