Nue 3A 2 Gang Dimmer Switch Not Dimming NUE-ZB4D2W

Hi All,

Having trouble with these new 2 gang dimmer units. When I pair them to HA, each switch/dimmer appears as a separate device which is fine, however controlling the dimming function is not working.


When changing the dimming level on the switch itself, I can see the change in the Current States section, however when trying to issue any dimming command to it via the Set Level or Start Level Change buttons, there is no change. When using the Set Level command with say a level of 50 and a duration of 10s, I can see the level slowly shift down towards the desired state, but then right at the end, immediately returns to 100. The device does not dim during this time. The logs show this:

Anyone have any idea how to use the dimming function on these things?

What driver are you trying to use?

Main ones I’ve tried have been the Nue Zigbee Dimmer, Generic Zigbee Dimmer and the one it strangely auto detected was Aurora Rotary Zigbee Dimmer.

None will control the dimming function and the events screenshot was using the Generic Zigbee Dimmer driver.

I've linked this in with another Nue device issue posted recently that we tagged HE staff in, hopefully they can take a look at your issue as well.

i actually need a sample of this device if its not working with our inbuilt drivers.
3A devices have proven to be "interesting" in the past.

If you reach out to Kevin at 3A he may be inclined to send us a sample to sort out.

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I've reached out to Kevin to ask if that's possible Mike. Hopefully he can help out.

Hi Mike,

When I asked Kevin from 3A if he’d had any luck with these devices, his reply was this:

I’m assuming he has reached out to you guys for a solution? I’m not entirely sure what he means about upgrading the dimmer framework and if this is something I can do or is framework only delivered via a Hubitat update. Any ideas on what’s next?

I imagine he is talking about the dimmer firmware. I have not heard from him.