Now you need a sub for your vacuum

iRobot Select

Tell me I'm wrong and this is a joke?!

Your $700 vacuum turns into a paper weight unless you pay $25 a month!!


Wow. If you dont pay vacuum is a brick??

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Sounds extreme! But at least they're giving you something for the subscription (the same vacuum is regularly $800, so you can get it for $200 plus $25/mo with this service, which includes regular-maintenance replacement parts and accidental damage coverage; you'd break even after two years assuming $0 in maintenance cost for the former within those two years, so likely a little longer in the real world). But I've never kept a vacuum less than two years and still don't want mine to turn into a brick or, I assume, be dependent on the cloud (or else how would it know?)., thanks. :slight_smile:


This is a lease type of option. You pay much less for the vacuum up front $199 vs $799 and pay the $25/mo fee. After 2 years you'll end up paying the full price. I think at that point, they should enable the vacuum if you stop paying.

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The lease program makes sense but $25 indefinitely doesn't =s

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When does this kick in???

Not for older models and a lease program for buying a current model.

Now whether they change that for older models only time will tell.

After reading about it, it actually doesn't look bad. $199 + 1st month membership included. So $175ish + $25 a month. All filters and bags are included as needed. Maintenance things like brushes are also included and are sent as needed based on use. So at least your getting something for the $25 a month!

It's been mentioned that it would pay for itself in two years. In two years, technology might be a lot different and will want a NEW model anyways...

This might be a nice upgrade to my Neato. :wink:

The replacement parts and bags are cheap. 30 bucks will get you a whole set of all of the replacement stuff.

I just don't want to start being charged for something I already have.


I think it is a good deal... after having owned at least 5 different robot vac's... NONE of them last more than two years if you run them every day... so I think money ahead with this deal.... IMO :slight_smile:

I've had a couple Neato's and find them superior to Roomba for a couple reasons... even though for me, NONE of them last more than 2 years. The thing I like about Neato is that the brush is FULL WIDTH across the robot... the Roomba's in general are not anymore...not sure why. I also think the Neato LIDAR is superior to the optical approach Roomba takes.

ALSO... as far as this particular Roomba goes... if you have a rug with dark black stripes in it... it thinks the black stripe is the end of the world (a ledge) and it wont clean the rug. It is super annoying if you have any black stripes on your flooring... well documented issue... with no fix.

I'm a big fan of Roomba, I've been running two 572s and a 230 Scooba for years now and they've performed as advertised. I particularly like having easy access to parts & batteries via Amazon, which is how I've kept them running for so long. That said, there ain't no way I'm going to subscribe to yet another $%%^&&@! service.


Based on recommendations from my daughter's household, I bought a Roborock E4 2 months ago for $270. It outperforms the 572s on all counts and the WAF is off the charts.


I would never buy a robot vacuum that didn't use laser/lidar. I almost exclusively vacuum in dark rooms, and roombas optical navigation is ■■■■ with that use.

Love my neato.

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If only there were some type of system that could turn lights on automatically when roomba was cleaning. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was waiting for that comment. :slight_smile:

Sorry Jason, I just couldn’t rsesist! :grinning:

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:slight_smile: You're not wrong, though. lol

Mr. Sucky (i7) manages to clean fine in the dark. He starts up every morning at 4:00am and there definitely aren't any lights on. He's already mapped out the rooms though so that's probably why.


I've never had an i7, just lower models (not the lowest, but not the highest). And it didn't clean in dimly lit rooms, let alone a dark room.

It has been 3 years since I had a roomba, so maybe they are better now - which would be good.

My i7 works fine in the dark too. And if it doesn't, you're just not trying hard enough. Build an automation to turn on the light in a room when the robot enters :wink: