Notifier sending multiple notifications for a specific lock

Just updated to as I've saw the notifier bug fixes.
This was happening before and I hoped that 2.1.9 would fix it but it is not.
I have a simple notifier setup (push a notification when locks are locked or unlocked)
When my front door lock is locked or unlocked I get ONE notification per event (as expected)
When my shop door lock is locked or unlocked I get THREE notifications per event (not as expected)

The interesting part is it sends different 'text' notifications.

I have completely deleted Notifier and recreated it and it still only sends multiple events for this specific lock.

Not sure what to do from here any longer? I only want 1 notification per event)

As another test I just deleted the notifier again and no notifications were sent.
I then removed the whole Notifier app.
Added the notifier app again, recreated a new notification for door locks
This time only TWO notifications were pushed to my phone (both different text strings)

Take a look at that particular lock’s device details page. You will be able to see all of the EVENTS generated by the lock by clicking on the “events” link in the top left portion of the details page. If the lock is generating double or triple events, then the Notifier App will send a message for each one.

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So that was it, thank you

Now to figure out why this lock sends 2x events when it should send 1

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@robmorell im having the same problem, two years later. I recently setup hubitat and noticed that my zigbee kwikset 914 is sending double events, same as yours which the causes two notifications. My zwave kwikset lock doesn’t do that, just my zigbee lock. It’s kind of a pain in the Butt. Has anyone figured out a resolution?