Why double notifications?

I had a rule with notification :

When the action done, I get notifications twice !

On my phone :

If I use notifications on the Switch ( i.e Garage light ... ) when the light turn off, i get 2 notifications : light is on , light is off !!!
Platform version 2.1.7 and same issue.
I need help solving this problem.

On " Garage Entry Door Lock Events " :

On " Garage Lights Events " :

The question here isn't really "why double notifications?" but rather "why double events?". Your lock is creating two events for locked and two for unlocked. Your rule for notifications is just responding, as configured, to both of those.

The best solution here would probably be for staff to find out why these locks are generating two events and suppress the apparent duplicate if that is the case. For them to do that, they'd at least need to know which specific lock (brand and model) you're using what what driver you're using, assuming they are supported/compatible devices or could easily be made such. This same issue appears to have been reported elsewhere (see: Notifier sending multiple notifications for a specific lock), so it doesn't appear to be just you, but I'm not sure what locks are involved.

In the meantime, you could work around this issue. If you know RM well enough, you could create a local variable in this rule and track this, something like was done in this example for a contact sensor: "Debounce a Contact Sensor" in RM (you'd need something in both halves if your IF/ELSE).

Thanks @bertabcd1234 . I rewrite some rules ( lock, switch ... ) with local variable. I hope HE staff fix this issue ASAP.

My recommendation would be to go to the other thread on locks I linked to above and say which one you're using. Then maybe the other poster will say which one they're using and someone can go from there to see if you have something in common they could fix. Otherwise, glad you got something working in the meantime!

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I use a Schlage Lock ( Zigbee BW468GBAK ). But I had notifications from the double, triple events ... with difference devices : lock, switch ( Hue bulbs ) ... I try both Notifications ( Built-In App ) and RM, same issue.

I have one of those locks and can check when I get home. If you haven't clicked "Configure" on the device page, it can't hurt, especially if you changed the driver yourself. But yeah, you'll get double notifications for double events unless you do something in your rule or app to prevent that (a local variable would be my recommendation for RM; the option in Notifications to only notify once every so many minutes max might also work).

I haven't seen this with Hue bulbs. I'm not using the stock integration anymore (I wrote my own), but I didn't notice it in the past. Lots of people have noticed it with some Z-Wave devices like motion and contact sensors that report events in two ways and the hub parses and reports both. Some (most? all?) of that particular problem has been fixed with an option in the driver.

I have 2 Schlage Zigbee locks and I have the same problem. As I recall it appears to me the locks are sending the double and triple events. It would be nice if we could add some logic to the notifications to ignore the same event if it happens within a second or two. I've just become used to hearing my phone chime four or five times when someone unlocks and relocks the front door. Yeah, it's a bit obnoxious.

You can. :slight_smile: That's what the "Only once within this number of minutes" setting does in the app: https://docs.hubitat.com/index.php?title=File:Notification_frequency.png

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Interesting. You taught me something, but still getting double notifications. First, I've been using the rule machine to notify me about locks and unlocks. I hadn't used the Notifications app. So that's super cool. Second, I still think this goes back to the lock producing 2 events. I'm getting the notifications via Pushover and the first says Lock Name was locked. The second says Lock Name was locked by manual. I used %device% %text% as the Custom message to send. So it seems like I need a way to filter out one of the two unlock and lock messages.

Yeah, by all means, the device should probably not send double events. If you haven't clicked "Configure" on the device page, especially if you changed the driver yourself), that may help, especially for a Zigbee device where it configures how/what the device reports to the hub. I should remember to check my lock when I get home (I'm assuming you mean the BE468GBAK, the only Zigbee Schlage Connect). If it's happening with a lot of different devices, I wonder if you're having some sort of hub problem. I wouldn't reach that conclusion quite yet, but a soft restore is generally pretty painless and might be a good first step if you do. It sounds like your lock might just be sending two events, a "plain" unlocked event and another at the same but with a type of "manual" specified (this is the "physical" vs. "digital" difference, so thumbturn vs. keypad in the case of a lock) and the driver might just want to suppress the "plain" one, assuming it consistently reports both.

Back to the notifications: I'm not sure how the Notifications app implements this suppression behind the scenes. It's possible you may be able to make Rule Machine do a better job yourself in a manner similar to those for contact sensor suggested above. This is a second-best option, in my opinion (best would be the driver level, but we can't control that directly).

Thanks. I'll dig a bit deeper as I have time. I think I've seen others mention this same issue with the Zigbee Schlages. It's the only device I have this issue with and I can definitely see in the logs the two events per lock and unlock coming from the 2 locks I own. Honestly, with the issues I used to have with the ZWave version of the Schlages, this is just a minor annoyance. They are rock solid otherwise.

What the driver on your Zigbee Schlage Lock ?

I use the Generic Zigbee Lock. I tried the Schlage BE468 driver, but it didn't work for me. I believe it is built for the ZWave version of the lock.

I use Generic Zigbee Lock.

Just checked my own lock and I'm also getting duplicate events. I'm tagging @mike.maxwell under the assumption that he might have written this driver (or at least knows who did) to see if there is anything that can be done.

To summarize, this is the Zigbee Schlage Connect (BE468GBAK) with the Generic Zigbee Lock driver. When manually locking or unlocking, the lock, it logs both "...was locked by manual" and "...was locked" events. Here's a manual unlock followed by a manual lock to show what happens:

Double events also happen with the keypad:

Interestingly, this lock also might be an exception to the "locks don't send anything when a bad code is entered" rule, as by accident I discovered that it sent this when I entered a wrong code. which I then did a couple more times just to make sure:

I understand it's not officially listed as compatible, but everything appears to work, and there is just this oddity with immediately-repeated duplicate-ish events/reports from the lock for both physical and digital locks and unlocks. If this is enough info to help the Generic Zigbee Lock driver get better tuned for this lock, I hope it's helpful! Otherwise, for anyone else reading this, it does (unofficially) work in my experience.

that's helpfull, I should be able to prevent the double logging with the data you provided.
Can you post the model as listed in the device data for this lock?

Exactly what I am seeing.

Great news!

The "Data" section says:

  • model: BE468

And in case you're curious, here's the getInfo output from the Device driver:

fingerprint profileId:"0104", endpointId:"01", inClusters:"0000,0001,0003,0009,0020,0101,0B05,FC00", outClusters:"000A,0019", model:"BE468", manufacturer:"Schlage"

My lock data :