Notifications when internet is unavailable

I am looking at hubitat and am really impressed, but have an outstanding question.
On my current Home Assistant setup I have a USB GSM modem that plugs into my mini Linux PC that allows my system to send an SMS message when the internet/power is out. It also allows me to still receive security notifications if the power/internet is out (mini PC is on an UPS). I see that Hubitat gives you 10 sms messages a month, but I am guessing these pass over the internet. Is there a Hubitat solution for sending notifications without internet access?

I believe Rule Machine is what you're looking for. You can make it try to ping somewhere and run a command in case it fails, for example.

It's 10 messages per day.

That's not going to work without Internet access.

Hubitat will need internet for messaging. There’s no app for Hubitat at this time, so nothing constantly checking for a cloud connection between the hub and the internet like cloud dependent devices do. Many of the Mesh routers send notifications through their apps when the internet is out. My TP-Link Deco M5 does. My alarm system does, and so does my August Connect. Several other of my devices do as well, but those three are the fastest to respond.

You just need Hubitat to send a LAN message to your mini Linux PC that has the USB GSM modem, and have it send the SMS message just as you do now. Rule Machine can do a simple HTTP GET, and you could probably figure out what do on the Linux box to catch that and do what you need.

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Hummm...I got tired to search the forum without a clue to my problem.
MY HE works just fine but my internet connection is very unstable and to restore it I have to sometimes reboot my modem.

So, what I am looking for is a way to be notified by HE using any available way (lights, sounds, etc..) whenever the internet is gone.

Let me be clear enough, I just need to push some actions when HE got no connection to internet.
Is this possible already in any way?

Get a colour bulb and have a rule that changes it to say red.

I think there is a ping app. Maybe it has some settings if is unreachable to turn the bulb a colour.


Welcome to the Hubitat community! You could setup a http presence sensor to check the internet status and have some kind of visual notification in rule machine.


I have a non HE solution for this that I’ve been running for years.

Check out the ResetPlug

Works really well. When my internet is down it will automatically reboot my modem every 5 minutes until it’s back up. Every now and then mine will go down and this takes care of it.


Thank you Gaving.... but I'm just looking to notify as sometimes is not to reboot the solution.

Thanks Mik.. I think you are pointing to [Deprecated] Web Pinger

I will read this ... looks is the one!

This one looks good as well.... I will check both [RELEASE] Web Pinger and this one for sure.... :wink:

I will let you know.... thanks a lot buddy!