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Not sure I'm understanding the documentation for Hubitat Notifications. How do I get a notification to repeatedly send? If a contact sensor is staying open and never gets closed, why does this notification in my screenshot not send every 2 minutes?

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That is going to notify you when the sensor has been open for two minutes.

If you want to be notified every two minutes, I think you want to enter 2 under the heading "Only once within this number of minutes". I'm not 100% certain as I don't generally do the repeat notifications . . .

Thanks Eric, I could see that kind of making sense. Anyway, trying that now and will report back.

It's not entirely intuitive.
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That didn't make it repeat either. Is having a basic notification repeat even possible without resorting to writing a custom rule in rule engine?

Confirmed. It did not repeat for me. Let me see if I have one setup to repeat.

I think that there are issues that have previously been identified with Notifications (doesn't work with lock codes entered).
I think that @bravenel Bruce was going to fix them in the next release.
I hope that he fixes this also.

I think this does what you would like:

My wife would kill me.

Doggoneit - this doesn't help you - it's an old rule written in RM 2.5. I haven't gotten around to converting it!

You can't with the current version of the Notifications app. (This has been suggested for a future release.)

You have some options above for how to do this in Rule Machine; for the current version, Rule 4.0, I'd recommend reading this thread:

And as you've probably figured out by now:

That will just stop you from getting notified twice within a two-minute timeframe in case the sensor (or whatever device) sends multiple readings that meet your criteria. I use this for temperature sensors so I don't get notified on each new reading that's below/above my threshold, just at most one every few hours.

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Thanks @bertabcd1234. I was figuring that's what that feature was for, just to limit noise. I feel like I'm going to end up creating monster rules and/or tons of them. How many complex rules can Rule Engine handle before it makes a Hubitat hub cry?

Bruce always says rules are free. They will be fairly simple so it shouldn't be a load problem.

There aren't any hard limits that I've seen. :slight_smile: I think a human would likely tire of writing rules before the hub got overloaded with them, but the main thing to do would be to keep in mind that RM gives you the power to hurt yourself, so you should be careful to avoid those things (infinite loops, malformed rules that still manage to run, etc.). The RM author recommends small, simple rules over large, complex ones (this may mean you need more rules; they are free, as people used to say back when RM was less powerful that it is now and has somewhat eliminated the need for these cases).

I'm not sure they've publicly committed to this "repeat" feature in Notifications yet, but if you wait until the next version you might be able to do it there without using RM if that is more appealing.

This feature is in the next release.


Ok, I think I will wait a little while then and see if that comes soon-ish. I really don't want to manually create a bunch of rules that, knowing my coding/logic skills, will have tons of corner cases that annoy me to no end.

While the Hubitat Team never likes to talk about what is coming and when, usually when Bruce makes a statement like that it means that change is coming "fairly soon". And we're about due for another release (IMO) . . .


Hi all I am new to Hubitat and the repeating notification feature for notifications can’t gone soon enough. As I’m new hit minuses how frequently hub updates are released does anyone have an idea when the next update is due, roughly. I am loving my Hubitat over smart things and this confirmed feature will make it perfect. Have completed a full love this weekend and have finally turned off my SmartThings hub :slight_smile: happy days.

Hubitat does not announce timelines/schedules for platform firmware updates.

That being said, historically Hubitat has released about one new firmware release every 4-10 weeks over the past two years. The last release was v2.1.8 which originally came out on January 10th. Based purely on my personal speculation, I would expect to see v2.1.9 sometime within the next 1 to 4 weeks.

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Update is live now.

I've had my hubitat now for about 5 days, and while I notice the option is there to repeat these notifications 1) it oddly disappears when I toggle the binary option and 2) it does appear to work.

@CastleHome does this work for you? Your post of your setup was eerily the same as I had when I set this up to test. :grin:

It does work for me! I haven’t been back into notifications since I set up my door open notifications so I’ll check to see if it disappears after toggling.