Notification App TTS restrictions



Would it be possible to add a feature to have restrictions set for Pushover and TTS independently of each other?

Use case:

  • Pushover I want to happen 24/7
  • TTS only if a certain mode, time frame or switch

I know I can setup duplicate notifications to accomplish this but it would be nice to just have the one notification that then does both, one or none based on independent restrictions within the same cools notification.

It would not be nice to muddy the app up with the features it would require to allow this (where does it stop? Separate restrictions for each notification device or each TTS device?). That makes it harder for people to understand, harder to setup, harder to document, etc. We are disinclined to create more complex Restrictions for apps like Notifier. You could do this easily in a single rule in RM.

   Notify Pushover
   IF (conditions not to TTS) Exit Rule
   Speak:  xxx


Try this app. I don't use pushover, but this app can. I only use the TTS and it works great for me. I basically send all TTS to a "what did I say tile" then use follow me to distribute the message to the proper speaker. Works great with Sonos.

I imagine you could set up two instances of this app so you can do TTS and pushover independently