Notification about State of switch (not triggered by change)

Hi there

I would like to get a notification at the end of a Rule about the state of a (resp. multiple) switch. The trigger is the rule and not the change of a switch.

something like:

%device% %stateofdevice% -> Kitchenswitch on

Context: At the end of irrigation I would like to get a telegram notification about which irrigation lines were opened for how long and a confirmation that they are all closed now.

I did not found anything in the search. But maybe point me in the direction if I missed something.


Specifically with respect to Irrigation use, this is reliable. And simple. Period. Not intended to address a broader use case.

The notifications may not be exactly what you want in the way of offering total time but once you set this up you'll know the total time.

If you've got improvement ideas @bptworld is always open to considering them.

Thanks for your input. My Irrigation solution works like it should, although homebuild.

I need help with the notification, I just tried to give context for better understanding of the use case.