Not prompted to enter SMS phone number?

I'm a new Hubitat user. I'm setting up a water sensor in Safety Monitor. I can enter text for a message, but I don't get prompted for a phone number. I looked all over for a phone setting, and then see in the docs that I should be prompted for it, which is not happening.

I believe that sms has been retired. You can use push notifications, though. The HE app has one and also a lot of people use pushover. It costs, but only 4 bucks and works great. there are a few other push notification apps too. Not exclusively those two.

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And welcome to hubitat. I hope your experience is smooth.

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Our documents are not up to date. See this post: Changes to SMS notification service

I am new to Hubitat so I never used the native SMS interface. Last weekend I setup the Twilio interface and it works very well. I get a text within a second or two of the trigger. Good luck.



If you have an RPi or something that can run sendmail and node, there's a great integration from @erktrek that lets you send all the SMS notifications you want through your cell providers email-to-sms gateway.

I've been using it for the last 3 months. Works really well!

Thanks to everyone for a lot of good info.

I know I'm going to really enjoy Hubitat. I'm starting automation with a blank slate. My previous house had a earlier set of X10 switches, with Insteon added in. So, having a customizable local hub with all the choices in devices is like being in automation heaven.

@aalyar - I'll be adding an RPi in a phase 2, and will definitely try integrating sendmail. I've used that previously in PC apps.

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