Not impressed

I use Osram bulbs outside. Inside I use shelly devices to control switches/lights.

I had Zigbee issues that I traced back to a Cree bulb. Now I use mostly Hue bulbs on the Hue hub connected to HE. I also have a few Sengled bulbs connected directly to HE. Sengled bulbs do not repeat.

The cupboard of shame. 10 Crees just sitting there collecting dust. The problem wasn't keeping them connected, the problem was that they crashed the whole shebang and lights would only fire when they wanted to. I agree that you should take some time learning about a zigbee mesh. I didn't. I learned the hard way. Smartthings spent a lot of money on R&D for cree bulbs. Hubitat does not have the need or the resources to do so. I would suggest swapping your crees out with Sengleds. They don't repeat. Also add a few repeaters to your mix. I hope that you are working close to the hub out with your wired devices? This helps to create a strong mesh. I still have 5 sets of osram lightify LED's on my network. They often show poor signal, but they are working as they should. But, I'll fight to the death to keep my lightifys. If you still have smartthings, you could run hubconnect and keep your crees on that hub and run your rules from HE. Always a thought to separate your poor zigbee repeaters from everything else. IMHO


:roll_eyes: Every time someone has trouble with their mesh and say they’re using bulbs which ARE known to create issues with other devices on the Zigbee mesh, we get a few people that say how well it works for them :no_mouth:

Stop it you guys! :joy:
Let the troubleshooting follow a logical pattern. If the OP wants to experiment with adding the lights back in after things are stable, so be it. The first steps should always be to remove what is known by the majority to be an issue. :v:t2:


:smiley: Guilty, but I'm certainly not trying to steer anyone down the wrong path. It should be made clear that there's nothing inherently wrong with these bulbs if you implement them correctly. Though yes, if their idiosyncrasies aren't made known beforehand, they can lead one down a path of insanity. I have sought out Crees on a few different occasions specifically because they have performed well for me. Thus they shouldn't be written off entirely IMO. :call_me_hand:

That being said, I do agree @Kevin.tosca should put them on the "to try later" list, since I appear to be the outlier here :wink:

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If you have them on a separate network, they work fine. but, just in case you plan on seeking out more Crees I have 10 up for grabs. 3 bucks apiece OBO. :grin:

On another note please refer to the following post. I make my grief known. I am scarred. :grin:

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My deepest sympathies.

There is a chance I had benefited from SmartThings' R&D and my glowing experiences are coming from there. When I switched to HE, all of my Cree bulbs were at the farthest end of the house, where they had little chance to screw with the rest of the mesh. Somewhere along the way I moved them to the Hue Bridge and obviously haven't had any further issues. So, I may just be incredibly lucky to have not felt the Wrath Of Cree.

On your way past your hue bridge, stop and give it a little peck on the cheek. I think that's why you have no troubles. They're not directly connected to your HE hub. An angel on your shoulder, per se.
I still have ten up for grabs. :grin:

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Hah! I actually want to replace it with a second HE eventually, but yes, it's been an angel. I def woulda bought your Crees a couple years ago, but I'm fully bulbed out over here.

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That's a new one. I'm going to file this next to "booblights" in my dictionary!


Should've bought it when it is $69.95 yesterday!

What! :rofl:
Be sure you state that when telling someone how stable things are for you with Cree bulbs. Of course you have stability. Just like me, your bulbs are in a completely separate Zigbee network. Of course they don’t interfere with the devices on the HE Zigbee network! :wink:

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It is still $69.95!


I still have 10 bulbs up for grabs. :wink:

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Ok, so now we should be back to @Kevin.tosca problem. Wondering if you can post a bit more of your configuration and update the status. Sorry for getting so far off topic on you.


:joy: Sorry, but you are far too late. I had one of those four-flow bulbs and I really liked them (before I knew better), but then for whatever reason, they stopped selling them in Canada. I still had it in use for a long time, but then one day I decided I couldn’t stand the crappy color of the one TRÅDFRI color bulb I had (I just like a splash. Not that into color bulbs). So I replaced it with a Hue full spectrum bulb and decided I would use the TRÅDFRI in place of the Cree. What a difference it made to those late night trips to the bathroom, because I could make the TRÅDFRI turn burnt orange late at night and early in the morning. Whereas with the Cree, it was still really bright, even a 1%. I also realized that even the cheap TRÅDFRI had a bit of fade before off, whereas the Cree didn’t.

So i should delete them from Hubitat hub and pair in the hue hub ?
Also what’s up with the dashboard? It sucks. Can’t control anything and it doesn’t update status?!
Why can’t I log in locally instead of the dashboard

Wow! Just plain WOW!

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I highly recommend that. Use the Hue integration app to control the lights from Hubitat.

I don’t know what you mean exactly. The Dashboard works, but obviously isn’t working on your end for some reason. I suggest you get the lights in Hue, always test from the device driver first to see if it’s all working as expected, and then let’s circle back to control from the Dashboard.


It is difficult to change the mind of one that has already formed an opinion...