Not impressed

Not happy so far . Switched from smartthings because it wasn’t reliable this is worse ! Lights come on at random, don’t shut off when triggered, false readings.
What hub next ??

You'll find if you give people logs screenshots of what you are trying to do and ideas of what is going wrong, the community is pretty awesome.


Welcome but sorry to hear you are having a bad experience.

The community members here are usually very helpful but more details are needed.

As everyone else has said, post more details and look at the logs, the community should be able to help

We'd be happy to help you out. As the others have said, show some details of what appears to be wrong... The experience you describe is not what others experience!


If you had "reliable" issues before with SmartThings and also with HE, it sounds like you may have never really had a strong Z-Wave or Zigbee network working for you in the first place.


I've had a few different hubs, and IMO you won't find a better one than Hubitat. Nor will you find a better and more helpful community and support team. As you can see from the replies you've already had, if you explain the problems you are having in more detail they will almost certainly be solvable.


Still new around the app I see logs but how do I post/send them ?

Hi, Kevin! Welcome to the community.

To see your logs, etc, most of us just go into the web ui and take screenshots.

In the meantime—what apps are you running that seem to be exhibiting false triggers? Is this a custom rule you've written?

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Screen shots work best for almost everything.

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As Kevin is very new to this community, I don't know if he has the ability to post attachments and images yet. I don't know how that works but it appears it sometimes takes a day or so . . .


Preinstalled apps .
So I have a garage door opener . Setup and working. On the dashboard it give a false reading 80% of the time .
Another issue 4 bulbs in the kitchen, osram lighting stitch button one pushed , kitchen lights toggle on/off . Problem is I have to press the button a few times for this to happen .
All lights really seam to have a 3-4 second delay if they turn on/ off at all .
Contact sensors that are programmed to control a light sometimes works more times then not don’t .
Random living room lights come on at random .

May be helpful to list the devices you have on your hub.

Bulbs do not make good repeaters except for other bulbs. If the bulbs are on a hue hub then they are isolated and should be fine. Still good though to make sure the channel for the hue hub is different the the Hubitat Edge hub.

Were you able to pair the garage door contact sensor in place? Likely the unreliability of this sensor is due to a poor mesh or channel issue.

Building a solid zigbee mesh

Building a solid z-wave mesh


Which garage door controller? Linear? Is this Zigbee, or z-wave?

That's very strange. I've got ~30 OSRAM bulbs scattered across my house and they don't respond this way. The OSRAM bulbs also are known to have a fair number of issues if they're on the older firmware. Repeating hasn't been an issue with them in the latest release, as far as I know. This almost sounds like an issue with signal strength. See my note at the end of this post. Finally, are your bulbs always-on, or are they controlled via a physical switch? These bulbs are ZHA, not ZLL, so if they're being physically shut off, it might cause issues with surrounding connections.

What models of contact sensors? Then, Z-Wave, or Zigbee?

Are there any rules assigned to them? If you go to the device's page, does it show any apps that they are attached to?

Finally, what Zigbee channel are you using? Certain channels can suffer interference from wifi more than others. This can be found under the Zigbee settings portion of your hub.


No rules yet . Channel 20

So you have no rules, just your devices connected to the hub?
If this is the case I cannot see how the hub can be turning your lights on.
Can you see anything in the logs? Does past logs go back far enough and show anything?
Seems very strange. :thinking:

Zigbee Motion and contact
Garage door is z-wave

No switches/bulbs connected to your hub?

I have had good luck with zigbee channel 20.

A few Philips hue switches, and a bunch of osram lighting and some cree bulbs