Not all devices responding to web core piston

I just switched from Smart things to habitat recently. I am having issues with all my devices responding to web core pistons. I'm not sure if it's a habitat issue or a web core issue. I have attached a photo of the piston. The issue is that some nights some devices come on and others don't, and some turn off and others don't. Have a made this piston wrong? Should I break down each task into its own piston, or can I just tweak this one.



If the devices all work individually i suggest you experiment with command execution delay

Awesome thank you, I don't think it's the first one, because when I check in habitat dashboard everything is reporting the correct state. So, I added a 1 second delay. I'm not 100% sure this is a web core issue though. I think it might be a habitat issue. I have a piston that when my TV turns off the three lights in the room also turn off, and last night they didn't turn off at all. I'm going to maybe try doing some stuff in rule machine and see if that might simplify it. I had used web core before smart things pulled the plug on it. So, it was an easy transition back. But I have having issues here and there that I didn't have with smart things.

I doubt the issue is webcore.

you can post logs of your piston. I expect with many devices, the delay may help if you device mesh is not strong.

The other thing to check (mentioned in the article I posted) is if you have really old zwave devices (that don't report status like new ones), you may need to use zwavePoller

  • If you are using older zwave devices (and some zwave plus devices), these devices may not report physical switch state changes in a timely manner, so you may need to add a refresh in your pistons before checking state for conditions.
    • For triggers or conditions, Zwave Poller should be enabled for these older devices. This is due to ST vs. HE differences in handling of older zwave devices. If you choose Zwave poller, you won't need the refresh commands in you pistons:

I only have two zooz zwave plugs, everything else is zigbee. I have about 15 to 20 outlet plugs that function as repeaters. But when I view my mesh most of the ones that don't turn on when they are supposed to are connected directly to the hub, and not through a repeater. I was gone the past two nights, so I should see if adding that delay helped over the next few days.